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Article by Ian McPhedran   RENEGADE ride sharing firm Uber will partner with military veterans under a unique deal to be unveiled today.   Veterans or their spouses who sign up as drivers on the uberX platform before December 31 this year will pay no commission for the first three months. That would save a […]

6th Battalion to Exercise Freedom of the City The 6th Battalion will conduct an Exercising of the Freedom of Entry to the City of Brisbane commencing at 0930 on Saturday 5th December 2015. The Battalion will commence from the vicinity of the Treasury Casino and march to King George Square, after having been ‘Challenged’ on Adelaide Street, to receive the Brigade Commander, […]

Not so long ago I was privileged to observe young soldiers of the space age training for war.  They impressed me, not because of their military skills, (there was little time to assess) but clearly evident were the characteristics so essential for soldiers. Although weary and desperate for sleep, without exception they still have that […]

Hi my name is Angus Sim and by now I am sure most of you who come across this fund raiser know that I’m an honest and fair person that represents the APPVA as the National President of the RLS ignored all my emails and phone calls regarding younger Veterans issues and a submission for a Royal […]

The study of military history forms a critical part of the Army’s learning cycle. A gv publishing the work of the nation’s pre-eminent military historians, the Australian Army and Cambridge University Press aim to promote, to a worldwide audience, our country’s proud military heritage. Detailing the history of the Army, its people and its contribution […]

James Cook University will become part of the Army Tertiary Education Program, enabling Australian Defence Force personnel’s Royal Military College studies to count toward a business degree at the university. Commander of the 3rd Brigade, Brigadier Roger Noble, said the Australian Army made education a priority and said the arrangement would benefit applicants from around […]

Absent at Roll Call There was no answer when his name was called at roll today A comrade who was with us in thick and thin has faded away Now there’s a gap in our ranks where he used to be Oh how he will be missed by the likes of you and me Never […]

Jimmy Bourke, True Blue (RAR-AATTV) Did you ever meet a bloke so full of life? Always with a huge grin, even in strife Would often share his last smoke and tucker too Never hesitant to speak up for the likes of me and you In peace and war for causes he led many a band […]

A Resounding success!!! Dear All, PTSD15 was an absolute resounding success. I could never have dreamed it would make such a difference although deep down that’s exactly what I was after. I’m pretty sure that in the space of two days we have advanced the direction of where we need to be with this illness […]

7.30 Report. By defence reporters Andrew Greene and Alex McDonald updated 18 Sep 2015. Soldiers of 3rd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment in action in Korea Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will lead a renewed diplomatic effort to retrieve the remains of Australian servicemen still listed as missing in action in Korea. Of the 17,000 Australians who […]