Can you assist with the request for information

To ensure the request below by Maj Chris Lang gets a wide audience and possible response, this email is going out to all members listed on the database regardless of financial status.
I’m reaching out to see if you and the 3 RAR Association can help find some of the history of the Battalion, specifically looking for emblems and symbols that the company’s and platoons had from Korea and Vietnam. If any of the members are able to send through pictures they may have that would be a great help to the RI in refreshing our current Coy/Pl logos and emblems with our history.
I’d appreciate any help you and the association could provide in this. I’m looking to get new merchandise in the RI, some of which would involve Coy logos and emblems such as beer steins or coins. We’re also looking at new polo shirts, however unit level gear is easier to solve.
Thank you.
Major Chris Lang
Officer Commanding Support Company
3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
Kapyong Lines, Lavarack Barracks, Townsville QLD 4813
You can email Chris direct or via me.
R. B. Dabinett, OAM, JP(Qual)
President, 3RAR Association

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