Poem – Battleground ACT

We returned not as heroes, we were booed in the street

We could not wear our uniforms with family to greet

We snuck out of Australia in the early hours of dawn

When we returned home with memories and mates to mourn


Did Canberra stand up for us?….the answer was NO

They just sent conscripts and more soldiers to go

Why did they do this…. now what is their right?

Why is it Canberra we now have to fight?


We did all that was asked by the governing power

We watched as our mates diminish… by the hour

Years have rolled by….friends disappear due to age

Australia forgave us that softened our rage


Australia forgave us….that softened the 30 year curse

Are we now at war with the Senate to make things a lot worse?

We asked for nothing and nothing was given

To heal our pride …if only they’ve listened

We asked that our pensions be corrected ….and we came under fire

Asking for a paltry “MORE PLEASE so we can live life and retire

Should we send our politicians’ overseas to serve in some war

Then they MIGHT finally recognise our actions, and the horrors we saw


I suppose that’s a bit harsh….so I ask you this question

If you were in the Veterans place ….would you knock back their pension?

Please feel Ashamed…Please feel guilt …The country you serve

On veterans’ blood was built


So once again….Why is it Canberra we now have to fight?

Fair go Pollies…..You know that we’re right

Battle formation all veterans of air land and sea

In the coming elections …remember Battleground ACT


John Seagg June 2011




  1. Simon Webb says

    I have not heard of an Australian politician from the Vietnam era apologise for the injustice and betrayal that they perpetrated on us. Never! Sure they fronted up for the welcome home parade, but hey, who oprganised the parade? Vietnam Veterans! The politicians attended the opening of the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service (VVCS), but hey, who was responsible for getting it off the ground? Not the bloody politicians, they couldn’t give a shit and still don’t. Veterans came up with idea of VVCS with support from some pretty terrific civilians, social workers and Psychs. It would not have happened without the Vets. Politicians have never apologized, helped us or even seemed to care except for photo opportunities. They continue to act like that even now. Talk about a waste of space! Before you send young bloke off to war to win some votes, think, for Christi sake use your bloody brains!

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