Rwanda recognition added to RAR Memorial

The Sydney City Council has added a bronze bas-relief sculpture of Rwanda 1994-95 to the RAR Memorial.

The RAR Memorial consists of a gently curved wall of Sydney sandstone onto which a series of bronze bas-relief sculptures are attached to represent the soldiers of the original three battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment. An infantryman standing in front represents the nine battalions that served in South East Asia.

The sandstone wall measures 8.23 metres in length and 1.50 metres in height. In front of the wall is a small pond with decorative aquatic plants. The memorial was erected to commemorate the foundation of Australia’s first regular operational infantry regiment and is located in small, pedestrianised square, known as Regimental Square, between George Street and Wynyard Lane.

This war memorial is one of only a few commemorating the operational service in war-like conflicts. It remembers soldiers who fought in these operations from The Royal Australian Regiment. And now finally after extensive liaison with the Sydney City Council officials, ‘Rwanda’ has been recognised as well. 


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