The RAR Bibliography

This RAR  bibliography records the known published and unpublished history of the Regiment since its formation in 1948.

It has been prepared by an RAR Task Group comprising Terry & Margaret Dinneen, Darcy Dugan and Ted Chitham with assistance from David Horner, Michael O’Brien, Mick Malone, Gary MacKay and Ian Kuring and others, all intent on recording for posterity the rich history of our Regiment.  The duty of maintaining and expanding the bibliography now lies with our registrar Russell Linwood.

It is a dynamic work and will forever be a work in progress as we, with your help, identify material that we have not yet recorded. This is particularly so with the many electronic recordings and productions made for varied purposes for radio, TV, retail and home entertainment, etc.

Please help us. We invite your additions, amendments, contributions and comments; please message us through the contact page here. Thank you

The bibliography is recorded in sixteen (16)  Parts wherein each is divided chronologically into periods reflected by operational service areas outside of Australia, and overall service by the RAR since its inception, including inside Australia’s national boundary.

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Additional Parts will be prepared as necessary.




This Part comprises Australian authors and publications which might generally be regarded as factual depictions of military history which features the RAR family. It includes those applicable Australian Official Histories as defined by the Australian Government/Australian War Memorial. For the complete list of the six series of Australian Official Histories, please click here.





ALLSOPP, Nigel – A Centenary of Australian Animals at War

InHouse Publishing, Underwood QLD, 2016

ISBN: 9781925388213 (pbk)

Illustrations, 282 pages.

The story of Australian animals deployed to war. Up to and including the Vietnam War, animals so deployed were not brought home, with the exception of MAJGEN Bridge’s horse. RAR soldiers have served with tracker dogs in most conflicts form the Malayan Emergency on, and more recently, these dogs are brought home and even awarded medals. Four-legged soldiers, some being members of the RAR who contribute to the fight with their RAR human handlers are included.


ALLSOPP, Nigel – Animals in Combat

New Holland Publishers, Chatswood NSW, 2014

ISBN: 9781742575131

Bibliography, photographs; 144 pages.

Some RAR battalions and their tracker dogs are mentioned in this book which provides a good coverage of the general purpose and deployment of animals in support of the modern Army.


ANDERSON, Nola – Australian war Memorial: Treasures from a century of collecting

AWM/Murdoch Books, Crows’ Nest, 2012


Index; 612 pages.

A handsome coverage of AWM’s holdings; Chapters 8-10 cover the RAR’s time of existence up to the date of publication. Includes are range of conflicts and deployments with images and descriptions of various battalions. The Acknowledgments section lists recent/current contact details of organisations/individuals known to be helpful with further research.


ANDREWS, Eric – The Department of Defence: The Australian Centenary of Defence Volume V

Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2001

ISBN: 0 19 554113 8

Notes, Bibliography; 348 pages.

This volume in The Australian Centenary History of Defence series of seven volumes traces the history of the Department from 1901 to 2000 including the ADF, and refers to many senior RAR members, but not units or their deployments. Useful high level background to RAR operations.


Anonymous – Australian War Diary: Australian Armed Forces in a changing world

Random House Australia, Sydney, 2010

ISBN: 9781864711202(hbk)

Index; multiple photographs; 174 pages.

A diary of stories of military significance in chronological order, for each of the three centuries spanned. These are paralleled by non-military stories to give social context . Mentions some RAR battalions in Korea, Malaya, Vietnam and has general references to other deployments.


Army Headquarters – The Australian Army in Profile 2004

Defence Publishing Service, Canberra, 2004

ISSN: 1441-5127

Multiple images and short articles; not page numbered.

One of a series of similar publications for each year. Has sections on Operations, The Working Army (exercises, DFACC tasks and specific unit snapshots, useful history and Year’s Best Photographs for period involving Iraq, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste. Features several RAR battalions.


BEAUMONT, Joan – Australian Defence: Sources and Statistics: The Australian Centenary of Defence Volume VI

Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2001

ISBN: 0 19 554118 9

Maps, Illustrations, Index; 683 pages.

This volume in The Australian Centenary History of Defence series of seven volumes provides detailed sources and statistics underpinning Defence to 2001, data not found in any similar single source. Refers to many senior RAR members, and all of the major deployments up to 2001 in which RAR battalions participated, but not actual units themselves or any detail surrounding their deployments. Useful background to RAR operations in both Australia and whilst deployed.


BRADLEY Joyce, FOGARTY Bill, HOBBS Kate, Macpherson Paul, PIGGOTT Michael, SELF Bronwyn and STAMLEY Peter (Compilers) – Roll Call! A guide to genealogical sources in the Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1986

ISBN: 0 642 99495 1

Index, Bibliography, 150 pages.

A superb, if little known, source of support to researchers. This book describes the AWM’s research centre, sources of written and printed records and collections covering all of the conflicts up to the date of publication. RAR is mentioned in many places. Also provides contact locations and addresses for other sources of research support with a focus on genealogical records.


COATES, John – An Atlas of Australia’s Wars: The Centenary History of Defence Vol 7

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2001

ISBN: 0 19554 119 7

Index, bibliography, 424 pages

Part V – The Post World War II period covering the Korean War, Malayan Emergency and Confrontation and the Vietnam War.

Part VI – Post-Cold War period covering Iraq and Afghanistan with a brief coverage of Somalia, Rwanda and East Timor; all have relevance for the RAR.


CONNERY, David – The Battles Before: Case Studies of the Australian Army Leadership after the Vietnam War

Big Sky Publishing, Newport NSW, 2016

ISBN: 9781925520194 (pbk)

Index, Endnotes, Authors’ Biographies; 124 pages.

One of the Australian Military History Series (no 3) this book features several writers (two of them ex-RAR members) generating case studies of leadership. Many of these leaders are/were RAR members. Several RAR battalions are mentioned.


DENNIS Peter, GREY Jeffery, PRIOR, Robin, MORRIS Ewan with CONNOR John – The Oxford Companion to Australian Military History

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1999

ISBN: 019 553 2279

Bibliographical references, photos and maps, 692 pages.

A comprehensive guide to Australian military experience containing over 800 individual entries written by leading military historians.


DENNIS, Peter and GREY Jeffery – The Second Fifty Years: The Australian Army 1947 – 1997

Australian Defence Academy, Canberra, 1997

ISBN: 073 170 3634 

Bibliographical references, 133 pages.

These proceedings of the Chief of Army’s History Conference provide a background to the history of the RAR.


EDWARDS, Peter – Crises and Commitments: The Politics and Diplomacy of Australia’s Involvement in Southeast Asian Conflicts 1948-1965

Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1992

ISBN: 1863731849

Bibliography, index, 515 pages.

This Official History covers the domestic and international politics of Australia’s involvement in Southeast Asia and the commitment of the RAR to those conflicts.


EKINS, Ashley & STEWART, Elizabeth – War Wounds: Medicine and the trauma of conflict

Exisle Publishing Ltd, Wollombi NSW, 2011

ISBN: 978-1-921497-87-2

Notes, Index, Maps and Illustrations; 240 pp.

A series of chapters including Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. Mentions most RAR battalions through stories of veterans’ experiences of injury, battlefield treatment and subsequent recovery/healing pathways. Brings the history of warfare and military medicine together as experienced by both medical practitioners and the main users of that care, the RAR and other combatants.


FIRKINS, Peter – The Australians in Nine Wars: Waikato to Long Tan

McGraw-Hill Book Company (Published in Australia by Rigby Co Ltd), 1971

ISBN: 007 021 0659

Index, bibliography, 460 pages.

The bulk of the book covers Australia’s wars up to the end of WW II. Book IV covers the post war period up to Long Tan.


FRAME, Tom (Ed) – Moral Injury: Unseen wounds in an age of barbarism

UNSW Press, Sydney, 2015

ISBN: 9781742234656 (pkb)

Notes; 278 pp.

A collection of essays that cover personal, ethical, psychological, practical and religious perspectives on this issue. Involves references to RAR personnel including several in photographs. Also addresses these phenomena across armed conflict, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.


FRAME, Tom & PALAZZO, Albert (Editors) – On Ops – Lessons and Challenges for the Australian Army since East Timor

UNSW Press, Sydney, 2016

ISBN: 9781742235097 (pbk)

Notes/bibliographic references; 324 pages.

A wide ranging series of chapters that address issues from every deployment since East Timor, and Australia-based concerns facing the Army, including the RAR.


GREY, Jeffery – A Military History of Australia

Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, 1999

ISBN: 052 136 6593

284 pages, Index, bibliography.

Studies in Australian History Series which include reference to the RAR.


GREY, Jeffery – The Australian Army: The Australian Centenary History of Defence Volume 1 (of 7)

Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2001

ISBN: 019 554 1146

Index and bibliographic notes.

Volume 1 of a seven volume series by a range of authors. Chapters 6-8 provide coverage of the RAR. It is a history of the Army as an institution; not a history of battles or deployments.


HALL, Robert A – Fighters from the Fringe: Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders recall the Second World War

Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, 1995

ISBN: 0 85575 286 6 (pbk)

Index, bibliography, black and white photos; 218 pages

Contains information about indigenous soldiers i.e. Charlie Mene and Reg Saunders who went on to serve as RAR members.


HALL, Robert A – The Black Diggers: Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in the Second World War

Allen and Unwin, North Sydney, 1989

ISBN: 9780045200054 (pbk)

Index, bibliography, notes, black and white photos; 228 pages.

Contains information about indigenous soldiers i.e. Charlie Mene and Reg Saunders who went on to serve as RAR members.


HORNER, David – Making the Australian Defence Force

Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2001

ISBN: 019 554 1179

Bibliography, index.

Covers the development of the Australian Defence Force and Joint Force operational capability in the post Vietnam era. Chapter 7 on Land Combat Forces has particular relevance for the RAR, referring to many of the battalions and SASR.


LINDSAY, Patrick – Cosgrove: Portrait of a Leader

Random House Australia Pty Ltd, Milsons Point, 2006

ISBN: 978 1 74166 528 4

Index, Bibliography; 289 pages.

Biography of General Sir Peter Cosgrove, who served in several RAR battalions prior to ascending command and staff appointments including Governor-General.


LONG, Gavin – The Final Campaigns: Australia In The War of 1939-1945

Australian War Memorial, Canberra,1963

ISBN: nil

Index, maps, diagrams and bibliography, 667 pages.

Briefly mentions the origins of the Regiment and a comparison of awards between the AIF and RAR.


MOORE, Darren – The Soldier: A history of courage, sacrifice and brotherhood

Icon Books, London, 2009

ISBN: 978-184831-079-7

Index, bibliography, 500 pages.

Study of soldiers and their professional conduct, core to the RAR and SASR, both of which are included among the individuals referred to in this source. This source is considered most important to the overall understanding of RAR soldiers, irrespective of which unit in which they serve as it underscores what combat soldiers face, and do, in battle.


O’BRIEN, Michael – Australian army tactical &​ instructional pamphlets &​ books : a bibliography

Australian Army, Hawthorn, 2004

ISBN: 0642296057 (pbk)

248 pages.

Contains a wealth of leads to many tactical, weapon and equipment topics fundamental to the understanding of RAR training and operations. This asset is essential to researchers pursuing more specific research topics, and is one of the most valuable aids to Australian military research.


ODGERS, George (Ed) – The Defence Force in the relief of Darwin after Cyclone Tracy

Australian Government Printing Service, Canberra, 1980

ISBN: 0 642 05175 5

A detailed account of actions during the first two weeks of the cyclone relief effort led by NAJGEN Alan Stretton (Retd), an RAR officer, and involving some RAR members posted to Darwin at the time. Curiously , Field Force Group Darwin, which saw the deployment of large numbers of troops starting mid- January 1975, including 5/7 RAR and then 6 RAR until late May 1975 gets only a cursory mention and the battalions are not mentioned at all.


O’KEEFE, Brendan – Medicine at War: Medical Aspects of Australia’s Involvement in Southeast Asian Conflicts 1950-1972

Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1994

ISBN: 1863733019

Index, bibliography, 505 pages.

This comprehensive and analytical Official History account documents the important role of the military medical units who supported Australia’s overseas forces from the time of the Malayan Emergency.


PALAZZO, Albert – The Australian Army: A History of its Organisation 1901-2001

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2001

ISBN: 0195515064

Index, bibliography, 456 pages.

Chapters 6-9 provide coverage concerning the RAR.


PEARSON, Ross – Animal Allies

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus VIC, 2005


Index, bibliography, photographs; 185 pages.

Several of the RAR battalions’ mascots and tracker dogs are mentioned.


PRATTEN, Garth and Harper, Glyn – Still the Same: Reflections on Active Service from Bardia to Baidoa

Army Doctrine Centre HQ Training Command, Georges Heights NSW, 1996

ISBN: 0 642 24435 9

Index, Appendices; 280 pages.

A collection of interview outcomes involving Australian Army Command and Staff College students with retired and serving officers up to 1993. Offers insights into the art and science of war from a leadership perspective. Many RAR individuals and deployments included.


OPPENHEIMER, Melanie – Australian Women and War: Women in War from Boer War to East Timor

Department of Veterans Affairs, Canberra, 2008

ISBN: 9781877007286(HBK)

Index, bibliography, 270 pages.


REID, Dr Richard and POUNDS, Robert – Australians at War: Key Dates and Data since 1901

Also titled Their Service, our Heritage

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 1998

BIB ID: 310082

ISBN: nil

60 pages.

A chronology of main events affecting the military for 96 years since Federation. It includes key RAR events.


SMITH, Ian K – Records of War: A guide to military history sources at the Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1996

ISBN: 0642229880

The last third of this book deals with post-WW II conflicts, referring to the RAR.


STEVENSON, Robert C – The Human Dimension of the Hardened and Networked Army: The Lessons of Friendly Fire

Land Warfare Studies Centre, Canberra, 2006

ISBN: 978 0 64229 641 2

Bibliography; 47 pages.

Addresses fratricide/unauthorised discharges resulting in injury/death, including RAR experiences in Vietnam, Somalia and East Timor.


STONE, Barry – The Diggers’ Menagerie: Mates, Mascot and Marvels – True Stories of Animals who went to War

Harper Collins, Sydney, 2012


Index, bibliography; 266 pages.

Chapter 4-6 cover the post-WW II period and relate stories of the RAR battalions’ use of tracker dogs.


TYQUIN, Michael – Training for War: The History of the Headquarters 1st Division 1914-2014

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2017

ISBN: 9781925520422

Extensively illustrated, Bibliography, Appendices, Index; 276 pages.

This book encapsulates one hundred years of the history of HQ 1st Division and the Deployable Joint Force Headquarters. During that time the HQ commanded subordinate formations and units including all of the RAR battalions through intermediate formations since 1960 when it was raised for the third time. As with any military formation it cannot be studied in isolation from politics and policy and so reference is made to wider events in the Australian political and Defence environment.


WAHLERT, Glenn – Anzac Cove to Afghanistan: The History of the 3rd Brigade

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2015


Extensively illustrated, Bibliographical information in Endnotes, Index; 390 pages.

A hundred year history, this book covers the Brigade’s deployment to war where, as the covering force for the landings at Gallipoli, its troops were the first to see action in the Middle East before subsequent service on the Western Front. It also covers preparation for and involvement in WW II, the brigade’s re-creation as a formation in the form of 3rd Task Force and then its current role as the Operational Deployment Force. Associated deployments to East Timor, and then the provision of contingents and contributions to Force Elements by the various battalions of the 3rd Brigade over time are covered. Detailed Appendices include VC winners and Commanders.





BROWN, Colin H – Stalemate in Korea: The Royal Australian Regiment in the Static War of 1952-1953

Australian /Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 1997

ISBN: 0-9586693-9-2

Index; 100 pages.

As a 3 RAR company commander, describes the 1952-53 phase of stationary/positional warfare and the closing stages of the war for Australian troops prior to the armistice. While he concentrates on 3 RAR, 1 and 2 RAR are also included.


CHINNERY, Philip – Korean Atrocity! Forgotten War Crimes 1950-1953

Airlife Publishing, 2000

ISBN: 1 84037 103 X

Index, Bibliography, 286 pages

Covers war atrocities and POW data including Australians, references to 27 British Commonwealth Brigade.


DENNIS, Peter & GREY, Jeffrey (Editors) – The Korean War 1950-53: Army History Conference Proceedings 2000

Australian Army History Unit, Canberra, 2000

ISBN: 0642705054

194 pages.

A retrospective look at the Korean War with background relevance and references to the RAR.


EVANS, Ben – Out in the Cold: Australia’s Involvement in the Korean War 1950-1953

Australian War Memorial & Dept of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2000

ISBN: 0642444765

Index, bibliography, 92 pages.

A brief history of Australia’s involvement in the Korean War that covers RAN operations, RAAF in combat, and battles such as Kapyong, Maryang San, the Hook and other aspects of fighting that involved RAR units.


FORBES, Cameron – The Korean War, Australia in a Giant’s Playground

Pan Macmillan Australia P/L, Sydney, 2010

ISBN: 9781 4050 40013 (hbk)

ISBN: 951 9042 394

Index, bibliography, maps, 534 pages.

The Korean War reveals the conflict on all its levels, human, military and geopolitical. The battles in which the RAR figured are described and those units named. It is a definitive history of Australia and the Korean War.


GREY, Jeffery – The Commonwealth Armies and the Korean War: An Alliance Study

Manchester University Press, Manchester, 1988

ISBN: 0719026113

Index, bibliography, 244 pages.

Coverage of the Commonwealth Division in the Korean War 1950-1953. RARs served in the 27th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade.


HARRIS, AM – Only one river to cross: An Australian soldier behind enemy lines

Australian Army History Unit/Australian Military History Productions, Loftus NSW, 2004

ISBN: 1-876-439-52-1

Index, maps, illustrations; 124 pages.

Provides and account of service with BCOF and then in Korea with 3 RAR where the author was wounded in Oct 50. Returning to Korea in 1953, he commanded a Special agent Detachment behind enemy lines.


HOOKER, John – Korea: The Forgotten War

Time Life Books, Sydney, 1989

ISBN: 0 949118 39 7

Index and bibliography,168 pages.

One of the Time-Life Australians at War series, covers the ground war and contains many quality illustrations.


KOREAN MINISTRY OF PATRIOTS AND VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Korean War Memorials in Pictures – Remembering UN Participation 60 years later

Korean Ministry of Patriots and Veterans’ Affairs, Seoul, 2010


Three volume boxed set, Index in Volume 1,397 pages in Vol 1, 463 pages in Vol 2 and 319 pages in Vol 3.

Vol 1 includes details of Australian memorials worldwide. 3 RAR is addressed in a photo in Vol 3. Pictorial record. For the serious researcher; contains no actual history of the war other than listing, by memorial, all participating nations on the UN/allied side.


McCORMACK, Gaven – Cold War that War: An Australian perspective on the Korean War

Southwood Press, Marrickville NSW, 1983

ISBN: 0868060828 (casebound), 0868060836 pbk)

Index, chronology, maps, photographs; 191 pages.

This publication is an overview of the lead up to and the higher conduct of the war. The RAR is not specifically mentioned in the text although the Australian participation is. Many of the photos feature soldiers from the RAR.


MOSS, Tristan – Guarding the Periphery: The Australian Army in Papua New Guinea, 1951-75

Cambridge University Press, Port Melbourne, 2017

ISBN: 987-1-107-19596-7 (hbk)

Index, Bibliography, Notes, Maps; 266 pages.

The Australian Army commanded units in PNG, based on the Pacific Islands Regiment, over this time until those forces became the PNG Defence Force in its own right. This book is an important coverage of this element of Australia’s military and colonial past, with many RAR individuals serving in these units. 1 to 6 RAR are specifically mentioned, and an Appendix contains listed of key appointments. The book is one of the Australian Army History series.


NEUVE, Denny & SMITH, Craig – Aussie Soldiers: Prisoners of War

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2009

ISBN: 9780980325157 (pbk)

Photographs, maps, Index; 308 pp.

Stories of Australian POW over time, including RAR members captured in Korea. Since then, no Australian service personnel have become POW.


ODGERS, George – Remembering Korea: Australians in the war of 1950-53

Lansdowne Publishing Pty Ltd, Sydney, 2000

ISBN: 9781741108071

Index, bibliography, maps,176 pages.

A background history of Australia’s participation in the Korean War 1950-53. Nominal roll of all participants by unit.


ODGERS, George – Remembering Korea: Australians in the war of 1950-53

New Holland Publishers, Chatswood, 2009

ISBN: 9781741108071

Index, bibliography, maps, 176 pages.

Updated second edition of 2000 book – background history of Australia’s participation in the Korean War 1950-53. Nominal roll of all participants by unit.


O’NEILL, Robert – Australia in the Korean War 1950-53 Volume I

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1981

ISBN: 06420432 9

Index, bibliography, 548 pages.

First of a two-volume Official History. Deals with both political and strategic aspects of Australia’s participation in the Korean War.


O’NEILL, Robert – Australia in the Korean War 1950-53 Volume II

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1985

ISBN: 0642043302

Index, bibliography,782 pages.

Second of a two-volume Official History. Includes Australian battle honours and awards, casualties and the Order of Battle for 1st Commonwealth Division.


PEARS, Maurie – The Battle of Maryang San 2-8 October 1951 – A Remembrance

Self-published, Isle of Capri QLD, 2004


12 page brochure.

A short history of the battle and 3 RAR’s role in it. A commemorative mini-publication.


PEARS, Maurie – Special Commemorative Edition: 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice – 27 July 1953

Queensland Korea War Memorial Committee, Isle of Capri, 2013

ISBN: 987-0-9803796-0-0

Images; short publication.

Covers the ceremony associated with the Korean War Memorial in Queensland.


ROE, Patrick C – The Dragon Strikes: China and the Korean War: June-December 1950

Presidio Press, Novato USA, 1950

ISBN: 0-89141-703-6

Index, bibliography maps; 466 pages.

High level American coverage of the Chinese intervention in 1950, with references to the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade (including 3 RAR) in the context of corps, divisional and brigade operations. Appendix on the Chinese Communist Army and the Chinese People’s Volunteers Order of Battle gives a good idea of what and who the Australians from 1, 2 and 3 RAR were up against.



SUMMERS, Harry G (Jnr) – Korean War Almanac

Facts of File Inc, New York, 1990

ISBN: 0-8160-1737-9 (hcvr)

ISBN: 0-8160-2463-4 (pbk)

Index, bibliography; 330 pages.

US Colonel of Infantry Summers presents a highly readable accounf of the war in Part I. Part II is a chronology. Part III is an alphabetically arranged list of military concepts. Several references to all three RAR battalions and their parent brigade.


TREMBATH, Richard – A Different Sort of War: Australians in Korea 1950-53

Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, 2005

ISBN: 1740970802

Index, bibliography, 266 pages.

A background study of Australian participation in the Korean War.



SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)


DENNIS, Peter & GREY, Jeffery – Emergency and Confrontation: Australian Military Operations in Malaya and Borneo 1960-1966

Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1996

ISBN: 1863733027

Index, bibliography; 381 pages.

This is an Official History account of Australia’s military involvement in the Malayan Emergency 1948-1960, and the confrontation by Indonesia to destabilize the Federation of Malaysia, the latter fought mainly in northern Borneo between 1964 and 1966. Rolls of Honour for Malaya 1948-60 and Malaysia 1964-66 included.


RADCLIFFE, Mathew – Kampong Australia: The RAAF at Butterworth

Newfound Publishing, Sydney, 2017.

ISBN: 9781742235141 (pbk)

Index, Referenced Notes, 320 pages.

A general social history of the RAAF service at Butterworth Air Base starting in 1050. While it refers to some of the RAR battalions that served in Malaya and Borneo during the First Malayan Emergency, it is remarkable for its omission of reference to the Rifle Company Butterworth, under whom their internal security of the base depended.


 VIETNAM 1962-75


 BRODIE, Scott – Tilting at Dominoes – Australia & the Vietnam War

Child & Associates, Brookvale NSW,1987

ISBN: 0867770686

Index, illustrations,160 pages.

Multi-perspective social history of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam conflict from the 1950s. Covers the activities of the First Battalion; and the task force in Phuoc Tuy.


CAMERON, David W – The Battle of Long Tan: Australia’s Four Hours of Hell in Vietnam

Penguin Random House. Melbourne, 2016

ISBN: 9780670078271

Maps, photos, index; 392 pages.

A third party account of the battle which featured 6 RAR, especially D Coy which fought the great bulk of the battle. Substantial use if made of oral interviews, with solid coverage of the supporting arms and services.


DAVIES, Bruce with McKAY, Gary – Vietnam: The Complete Story of the Australian War

Allen and Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 2012

ISBN: 9781741750287

Index, bibliography; 704 pages.

A strategic analysis written around the fiftieth anniversary, using data and research not available until this time. Covers the background to why the war was fought, the reason and high level nature of Australia’s involvement, the nature of the enemy and their dogged persistence that eventually led to victory following the American withdrawal.


Department of Veteran’s Affairs – 40th Anniversary of the Battle of Binh Ba Vietnam

Australian Government, Canberra, 2009


References, colour, black and white photos; 40 pages.

Refers to books, articles, interviews, unit diaries other material and includes a map. The first seven pages comprise a Commemorative Service; the remainder contains the story, photos and details of the reference material about the Battle which involved 5 RAR and supporting arms moving to support 6 RAR.


EDWARDS, Peter- A Nation at War: Australian Politics, Society and Diplomacy during the Vietnam War 1965-1975

Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial, Sydney, 1997

ISBN: 1864482826

Index, bibliography, 460 pages.

This comprehensive Official History account presents a considered and balanced interpretation of the public debate over Australian involvement in the Vietnam War and includes reference to the commitment/deployment of the battalions of the RAR.


EKINS, Ashley with McNEILL, Ian – Fighting to the Finish, The Australian Army and the Vietnam War 1968-1975

Allen & Unwin Sydney, 2012

ISBN: 978 1 6508 824 2

Index, Bibliography; 1139 pages.

The final volume of the Official History of the Australian Army’s part in the Vietnam War gives the reader a detailed understanding of Australia’s role in the ground war in Vietnam for the period. The army’s successes and frustrations are expertly described and analysed. Factors that commanders had to balance in making decisions, and how the war looked to the young Australians who had to carry those ideas into practice, are presented. Roll of Honour (Jul 68 – Nov 71), Decorations and Battle Honours included.


GRENVILLE, Kenneth – The Saving of South Vietnam

Alpha Books, Sydney, 1972

ISBN: 0855530960

224 pages.

This is the first non-official publication in Australia to set out the case for South Vietnam and to justify the US policy regarding that war. Issues of Australian and other governments in intervening to prevent the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese taking over South Vietnam are addressed. Only in the last two chapters is the RAR mentioned. It has a chapter specially written by Brigadier F.P. Serong.                                                                                             .


GREY, Jeffrey & DOYLE, Jeff – Vietnam: War, Myth & Memory

Allen & Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 1992

ISBN: 1863733191

Index, bibliographical references,157 pages.

This book examines how and why Australia became involved in the Vietnam War, what Australians thought about it at the time, and how we remember and memorialise our involvement two decades later. It explores what was uniquely Australian about the Vietnam experience, setting it within the comparative context of what the war was like for Americans and New Zealanders. The RAR is not specifically mentioned but the book provides important background to battalion operations.


HORNER, D.M. – Australian Higher Command in the Vietnam War:

Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence No. 40

The Australian National University, Canberra, 1986

ISBN: 0867848936

Bibliography,136 pages.

This monograph examines the command structure which existed during the conflict. The RAR is involved through battalions comprising the bulk of the Task Force when its command function is examined.


HORNER, David – Strategic Command, General Sir John Wilton and Australia’s Asian Wars

Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2005

ISBN: 0 19 555 282 2

Index, bibliography, 452 pages.

Tells the story of a most important and influential Australian Army officer in the second half of the twentieth century. For eight tumultuous years, firstly as Chief of the General Staff from 1963 to 1966, and then as Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee until 1970, General Sir John Wilton was responsible for the conduct of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War.


KING, Peter (edited by) – Australia’s Vietnam: Australia in the Second Indo-China war

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1983

ISBN: 0868610372

Index, bibliographical references, maps, illustrations, 226 pages.

For ten years Australia was entangled, on the losing side, in a Southeast Asian guerilla War. Several of the battalions are mentioned.


McAulay, Lex – Blue Lanyard, Green Valley

Banner Books, Maryborough, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-875593-05-7

Index, bibliography; 283 pages.

Covers Operation New Life 65, conducted in part by 1 RAR on its first tour of duty in Vietnam, with the 173rd Airborne Brigade during Nov-Dec 65.


McKAY, Gary & STEWART, Elizabeth  – With Healing Hands: The untold story of the Australian civilian surgical teams in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2007

ISBN: 978 1 74175 0744

Index, notes, photographs, Bibliography; 286 pp.

The story of over 450 surgeons, nurses and other medical specialists who served from 1964-72 to aid civilian casualties. 1 and 6 RAR feature in this book which is also co-authored by wounded RAR veteran.


McNEILL, Ian – To Long Tan: The Australian Army and the Vietnam War 1950-1966

Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial 1993

ISBN: 1863732829

Index, bibliography, Honour Roll, Honours and Awards, 614 pages.

An Official History volume that is one of several covering Australia’s involvement in South East Asia conflicts over the period 1948 – 1975. Covers the operations of 1 RAR 1965-66, and 5 RAR and 6 RAR in1966.


McNEILL, Ian & EKINS, Ashley – On the Offensive: The Australian Army in the Vietnam War 1967-1968

Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial 2003

ISBN: 1863733043

Index, bibliography; 650 pages.

This Official History volume shows how the Australian Task Force coped with the difficulties and dangers of operating with only two infantry battalions and limited resources against an elusive and aggressive enemy. Roll of Honour Jan 67-Jun 68 included.


ROSS, Andrew, HALL Robert and GRIFFIN Amy – The Search for Tactical Success in Vietnam: An analysis of Australian Task Force Operations

Australian Cambridge University Press, Port Melbourne VIC, 2015

ISBN: 959.7043394 R823

References, Index, original maps, charts; 302 pages.

From 1966 to 1971 the 1st Australian Task Force fought in the war in South Vietnam. Troops from Australia and NZ were the best trained and prepared for the counterinsurgency warfare conducted. This book sheds new light on this campaign by examining the thousands of small-scale battles in which the Task Force and its RAR battalions engaged. The authors present a study of their tactics and achievements in Phuoc Tuy Province. Original maps throughout the text help illustrate how those tactics were employed.


SCOTT, Stuart – Charlie don’t Surf but Aussies Do: Taking time out from the Vietnam War

Watson Ferguson, Salisbury QLD, 2009

ISBN: 9780646497083 (pbk)

Colour photos, 96 pages.

Tall tales and true from the Peter Badcoe VC Club 1st Australian Logistic Support Group, located at Back Beach Vung Tau in South Vietnam. The RAR is not specifically mentioned, but the majority of troops using the facility were members of the RAR on leave aka Rest and Convalescence; sometimes at the same time as enemy personnel.


SMITH, Terry – Training the Bodes: Australian Army advisers training Cambodian Infantry Battalions – A postscript to the Vietnam War

Big Sky Publishing, Newport NSW, 2011, reprint 2016

ISBN: 9781921941016 (hbk.)

Index, black and white photos, endnotes, nominal roll, maps, awards; 215 pages.

A small group of Australian officers and NCOs as part of the AATTV helped train 27 Cambodian Army Infantry Battalions during the Vietnam War in 1972.  Many men of that Team were members of the RAR.



(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


BREEN, Bob – The Good Neighbour: Australian peace support operations in the Pacific Islands, 1980-2006. Volume 5. Official History of peacekeeping, humanitarian and post-cold war operations

Cambridge University Press, Port Melbourne VIC, 2016

ISBN: 9781107019713 (hbk)

Bibliography, Index, Maps, images, Appendices; 500 pp.

This book is the fifth in the new Official History of Australian Peacekeeping, Humanitarian and Post-Cold War Operations series. It explores the Australian efforts to support peace in the Pacific Islands from 1980 to 2006. Covers Bougainville and Solomon Islands deployments. All RAR units/sub-units and many individual RAR members included.


BREEN, Bob – Struggling for Self-Reliance: Four Case Studies in Australian Regional Force Projection in the Late 1980s and the 1990s

ANU Press, Canberra.2008

ISBN: 9781921536083

Bibliography, Notes; 231 pp.

Also known as Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence No. 171 this book covers four deployments including Operation Morris Dance (Fiji), Operations Lagoon and Bel Isi (both Bougainville), and Operation Warden (East Timor). Most RARs are extensively referred to.


BREEN, Bob and McCAULEY, Greg – The World Looking Over Their Shoulder – Australian Strategic Corporals on Operations in Somalia and East Timor

Land Warfare Studies Centre, Canberra, 2008

ISBN: 978064 2296856 (pbk)

Study Paper No 314, Bibliography: 193 pages.

Addresses the importance of junior NCOs, particularly from the RAR, who served in Somalia and East Timor, and by inference elsewhere now and into the future as modern media covers these front liners in real time, sometimes across the world, giving their decisions unprecedented exposure.


DENNIS, Peter & GREY, Jeffrey (editors) – Battles Near and Far: A Century of Overseas Deployment

Australian Army History Unit, Canberra, 2005

ISBN: 0975766902

Bibliographical references, 287 pages.

Records the proceedings of the 2004 Chief of Army’s History Conference, providing background information about the Australian Army deployments to Somalia 1993-4, Bougainville 1994, East Timor 1999-on and Iraq 2003-on.


LONDEY, Peter – Other People’s Wars – A History of Australian Peacekeeping

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2004

ISBN: 1865086517

Index, bibliography, 312 pages.

Every Australian peacekeeping operation to 2004 is here, with incisive accounts of the causes of the conflict, the aims of the multinational intervention, the Australian contribution, and the story of what happened.


 FARRELL, John Hunter – Peace Makers: INTERFET’s liberation of East Timor: Day one in Dili to the border and the Enclave

Fullbore Magazines, Rocklea, 2000

ISBN: 064639424X

96 pages.

Covers the INTERFET operations in East Timor, including the battalions deployed in that time.


FRY, G & LLOYD, David (Photographs) – Rwanda: The Australian Contingent 1994 – 1995

Directorate of Army Public Relations, Department of Defence, Canberra 1996

ISBN: 0642234795

Includes Index, 85 pages.

This pictorial history of Australia’s United Nations Contingent to Rwanda brings together the work of five photographers – David Lloyd, Angela Blakely, George Gittoes, CPL Geoff Fox and Robyn White.


                                                                                                                                       IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing



Nil entry



AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing



Nil entry




(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)


BARRETT, Richard – Contesting the Neutral Space: A Thematic Analysis of Military Humanitarianism

Land Warfare Studies Centre, Canberra, 2010

ISBN: 9780642297235

Working Paper 137; 37 pages.

Author is an RAR veteran of Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Iraq. The paper addresses the insurgents’/terrorists’ increasing targeting of humanitarian aid workers, a problem faced by many RAR troops from Somalia onwards. The paper analyses how military contributions to humanitarian crises have influence the nature of the ;neutral’ space in the RAR’s and others’ deployments.


STRETTON, Alan – The Furious Days

Sun Books, Melbourne, 1976

ISBN: 0 7251 0248 9

207 pages.

An account of the Cyclone Tracy Darwin disaster where Stretton exercised supreme command over Darwin’s 45,00 inhabitants for six days until he handed over to others, including the Darwin Reconstruction Authority. RAR members, including Stretton himself, are mentioned. Curiously, no mention is made in his chapter on 1975 reflections of the deployment of many troops including two entire battalions – 5/7 RAR and 6 RAR, as the backbone of the reconstruction efforts that saw those battalions and other units/sub-units served there for almost six month after in the largest humanitarian disaster operation ever mounted with ADF assistance.







This Part provides for printed materials produced by authors on behalf of the Regiment itself, or its battalions and sub-units, or other formal military records such as staffing lists that include RAR members eg officer graduation lists. Considerably more local productions are likely to be located by contacting each battalion regimental historian. In recent years, the digital age has also led to many materials now being “published” on-line by and about the RAR battalions and their associations; see Part 11 in particular.



2 RAR – The History of 66 Australian Infantry Battalion and the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment

2 RAR, 1965


20 pages.

A locally produced foolscap document dated January 1965 which outlines the history of the Battalion until that date. It includes a Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards and details of 2 RAR’s formation, development and service for the first two decades.


3 RAR Association – The Royal Australian Regiment 50th Anniversary 1948-1998

3 RAR Association, Holsworthy, 1998


32 pages.

Provides details of the RAR’s honours, awards, honour roll and other key data on behalf of the Regiment.


3 RAR – A Brief History of the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment

3 RAR, Woodside, 1969


17 pages.

An in-house brochure outlining the Battalion’s history covering the first two decades.


 6 RAR  (Welch, N compiler) – A History of the Sixth Battalion The royal Australian Regiment 1965-1985

6 RAR, Brisbane, 1986

Maps, photos; 208 pages.

Captures in a combination of text and photographs the battalion’s journey from its raising for service in Vietnam, to 1986.


ALLEN (CPL) Allen & CALDWELL (MAJ) Brett (Editors) – Red Phoenix:

A Pictorial History of the re-raising of the 4 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment and its conversion to the Commando Role

Donprint Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1997

ISBN: 064634322X

198 pages.

A pictorial history of 4 RAR during 1996-97. Contains a Roll of Honour for 1965-1972 and a Nominal Roll.


Army Public Relations – A Brief History of the Australian Army

Army Public Relations in-house publications, Canberra, undated


30 pages.

The last third of the booklet relates to post-WWII and hence the RAR is mentioned. It is a useful overview and highlights the main events.


AUSTIN, Brigadier M – The Australian Army, a Brief History

Edition One (1987)

Big Sky Publishing, Newport NSW 2011

ISBN: 978-1-921941-15-3

Maps and photographs, 96 pages.

Parts 1 to 3 of this book outline the history up until and during WWII. Part 4 contains a number of articles from the end of WWII up to the date of publication in each edition. Part 5 covers History and Traditions. More recent editons include: ARMY PUBLIC AFFAIRS – Edition Two (1993), CHIN, Colonel D – Edition Three (2000), LEVER, Major Geoff – Edition Four (2011).




Defence Public Relations – The Australian Army – A Brief History

Defence Public Relations, The Australian Government Publishing Service Canberra, 1985


RS 84/20058 Cat No 84 19251

The post-WWII section includes mention of the RAR in various theatres up to 1972 Army reorganisation.



Directorate of Public Information Army – The Australian Army: A Brief History

Defence Publishing Services, Canberra, 2000

BIB ID 193002

ISBN: Unknown

Bibliography; 36 pages.

Part 3 addresses the post- WW II period and provides an overview centred on the activities of the RAR up to January 2000.



EATON, H.B. – Something Extra: 28 Commonwealth Brigade 1951-1974

The Pentland Press Ltd, Auckland, 1993

ISBN: 1858210496

Index, bibliography, 354 pages.

This source includes both official sources and records, and also personal contributions of many former members. Lists the commanders of units.



HALSEY, Geoff, WALSH, Derek (compiled by) – The Grey Eight In Focus: A pictorial of the Eighth Battalion, of the Royal Australian Regiment Malaysia 1967-1969, Vietnam 1969-1970.

Digital Print Australia, Adelaide, 2010

ISBN: 9780646504414

223 pages.

A photographic record of 8RAR’s tours of duty in Malaysia and Vietnam. Includes a Nominal Roll.



HILL, Anthony – Animal Heroes

Penguin Books, Melbourne, 2005

ISBN 0143301993

Index, bibliography; 235 pages

The 9th Battalion’s mascot and some of the other animals including the tracker dogs are featured. Revised edition published in 2007.



HORNER, David (Editor) – Duty First: The Royal Australian Regiment in War and Peace

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1990

ISBN: 004442227 X

Index, bibliography; 525 pages.

The history of the Regiment’s first forty-five years which includes awards, COs, RSMs, regimental battle honours and unit citations.



HORNER, David & BAU Jean (Editors) – Duty First: The Royal Australian Regiment in War and Peace

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2008

ISBN: 978174145374 5

Index, bibliography; 525 pages.

An update of a 1990 edition to cover the Regiment’s first sixty years which includes awards, COs, RSMs, regimental battle honours and unit citations.



Infantry Centre – The Battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment

Infantry Centre, Singleton, undated


An in-house publication produced in the early 70s by the Infantry Centre. All nine original battalions are included. Theatres of service, COs and RSMs are listed as well as a range of useful miscellaneous information.



INGLIS, Ken – Sacred Places

Melbourne University Publishing, Melbourne, 2008

ISBN: 9780522854794

Index, bibliography; 640 pages.

Australian war memorials were often created by a range of authorities and other groups to honour Australia’s war dead. Many veterans and others did not want any such memorials, and both sides of this matter are addressed.



JOHNSTONE, Tom – The Cross of Anzac: Australian Catholic Service Chaplains – ‘Hallowed Ground’

Church Archivists’ Press Queensland, Brisbane, 2000

ISBN: 1876194227 

359 pages, index; bibliography.

It provides information on the Catholic Chaplains who served with the Royal Australian Regiment including a roll of those Chaplains.



KURING, Ian – Redcoats to Cams: A History of Australian Infantry 1788-2001

Australian Military History Publications, Canberra, 2004

ISBN: 1876439998

Index, bibliography, several appendixes; 557 pages.

This book tells where Australian infantrymen have served, how they were organised and equipped, and what they have done. It provides insights into their training, tactical doctrine, methods of operation and operational support.

The Regiment dominates the post-WW II segment.


NATIONAL COMMITTEE OF 3RAR ASSOC QLD – The Royal Australian Regiment 50th Anniversary 1948-1998

Committee 3RAR Association (Old Faithful) Inc, Sydney, 1998

Bib: ID2261835


23 pages.

Comprises significant aspects of the Regiment in brief form and includes battle honours, unit and individual awards, and an Honour Roll.



RAR Association – Blessing and Dedication of the Royal Australian Regiment Memorial on 24 March 2017

RAR Association, Brisbane, 2017


Form of Service; 10 pages.

Ceremony document on the occasion of the dedication and blessing of the memorial at RAR Place/Ferguson Park, Enoggera, Brisbane.



RAR Regimental HQ – RAR Battalion Histories

Regimental HQ, Singleton, 1977



See Part 11. Last paper copies printed are now out of date; held at the School of Infantry as archived artifacts. Includes a nominal roll of COs and RSMs, Regimental Marches and Songs, and affiliated units. Records in an Annexure include an outline history of each battalion from its inception to the date of publication. These Standing Orders are in themselves an historical artefact which show how regimental matters are documented at the time of their access, being an online product currently inside the Defence Restricted Network. Subject to periodic upgrade.



RAR Regimental HQ – The Parade to mark the 70th Anniversaries of the establishment of the founding battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment

Regt HQ RAR, Singleton NSW, 2015


Parade Booklet, 26 pages.

Unique event booklet raised in connection with the parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the raising of 65th, 66th and 67th Battalions (34th Australian Infantry Brigade) in October 1945. Short histories of 1, 2 and 3 RAR, Regimental Battle Honours, details of the Governor-General – General Sir Peter Cosgrove (ex-RAR), Colonel Commandant MAJGEN Mark Kelly, included.



RAY, Michael – 50 Years of Duty

Warrior Press, Mansfield VIC, 1995

ISBN: 0646260197

Bibliography; 100 pages.

A photographic record of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions The Royal Australian Regiment on active service 1945-1995. Honour Roll.






ATKINSON, James J – The Kapyong Battalion: Nominal Roll of Third Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment, Battle of Kapyong 23-24 April 1951

New South Wales Military Historical Society, Sydney, 1977

ISBN: 090945812X

80 pages.

3 RAR in Korean War 1950-1953. Includes honours and awards list (with citations), Honour Roll, roll of wounded, nominal roll.



ADAMS-SMITH, Patsy – Prisoner of War: from Gallipoli to Korea

First published by Penguin Books, Australia 1992

Later published by Ken Fin Books, 1998

ISBN: 1864581999

Index, bibliography; 754 pages.

Using dozens of interviews with former POWs, the author shows the strength and courage of Australians taken prisoner, including members of the RAR in the Korean War.



ANONYMOUS, Memorial Service, The Royal Australian Regiment, Pusan, Korea, 23-3-1953

Publisher not identified, Korea, 1953



A program of the service with the Honour Roll of the 1st and 3rd Battalions

for Korea.



BARCLAY, C.N. Brigadier CBE, DSO – The First Commonwealth Division:

The Story of British Commonwealth Land Forces in Korea, 1950-1953

Gale & Polden Ltd, Aldershot, 1954

Bib ID: 788840


236 pages.

Includes a list of Grade One Staff Officers and heads of services from July 1951 to Dec 1953, and a list of principal commanders, staff and administration officers as at 28th July 1951. Honours and awards list included.



BREEN, Bob – The Battle of Kapyong: 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment Korea 23-24 April 1951

Army Doctrine Centre, Sydney, 1995 (2nd Ed)

ISBN: 0642 18222 1

Bibliography; 159 pages.

A detailed account of 3 RAR’s main battle in the Korean War; includes citations for awards, casualties and nominal roll. Updated from 1992 1st Edition published by Headquarters Training Command.



BREEN, Bob (Editor)– The Battle of Maryang San: 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment Korea 2-8 Oct 1951

HQ Training Command (Aust Army), Sydney, 1994 (2nd Ed)

ISBN: 0 642 21308 9 (pbk)

Photographs, fold-out maps, 122 pages.

A detailed account of 3 RAR’s Battle of Maryang San during 2-8 October 1951 replaced the 1991 1st Edition (ISBN: 0 642 16897 0).



BUTLER D, ARGENT A, & SHELTON J. – The Fight Leaders

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2002

Bib ID: 590957

ISBN: 1876439564

Index, bibliography; 178 pages.

Tells the story of three great Australian 3 RAR battlefield leaders in the Korean War: LTCOL C.H. Green (killed in action), LTCOL I.B. Ferguson and LTCOL F.G. Hassett.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Nominal Roll of Australian Veterans of the Korean War

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2000

ISBN: 0642433208 

204 pages.

Comprises data covering Australian veterans of the Korean War, includes a nominal roll.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Korea Biographies: 50th Anniversary Commemorative Mission. Official Veteran Representatives

Also titled – Korea biographies: official veteran representatives: 50th anniversary 2001 commemorative mission

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2001

ISBN – none

BIB ID: 816568

61 pages.

Australian biographies from the Korean War 1950-1953.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Australian Prisoners of War Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2009

ISBN: 9781877007408

110 pages; includes CD and DVD inside.

Part of the Government’s commemorations program ‘Saluting their Service’, this publication is produced as an educational resource for teachers.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Out in the Cold: Australia’s involvement in the Korean War 1950 -53

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2000

ISBN: 9781877007408

Bibliographical references; 94 pages.

Part of the Government’s commemorations program ‘Saluting their Service’, this publication is produced as an educational resource for teachers.



FAIRHEAD, Fred (Lieutenant Colonel Retd) – A Potted History of the Royal Australian Regiment in the Korean War 1950-53

Royal Australian Regiment Association SA Inc, Linden Park SA, 2011


Maps, Photographs; 31 pages.

Comprises an overview of the part the RAR battalions played in the Korean War. For the RAR, the Korean War had huge significance. It was the first major campaign by the battalions of this newly formed formation which was hastily thrown together and poorly equipped from an existing occupational force based in Japan. It was also the only instance to date of participation by the three battalions of the Regiment together in conventional fixed defence warfare.



GALLAWAY, Jack – The Last Call of the Bugle: The Long Road to Kapyong

University of Queensland Press, St Lucia QLD, 1994

ISBN: 0702225452

Index, bibliography; 312 pages.

Effectively a history of 3 RAR during 1950 and 1951 covering service in Japan with BCOF and then the British Commonwealth Brigade in Korea, culminating in the Battle of Kapyong. Includes the 3 RAR casualty list.



SMITH, Neil C. – Disarming the Menace: Australian Soldiers with the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces Japan 1946-1952

Mostly Unsung Military History, Brighton Victoria, 2012

ISBN: 1 876179 41 4

Index, bibliography, maps, glossary and abbreviations, 259 pages.

Comprises a short overview of the BCOF from 1946 to 1952 and includes organisations and other statistics. The bulk of information is made up of the Nominal Roll of BCOF; includes a photograph gallery and order of battle.



SMITH, Neil C – Home by Christmas: With the Australian Army in Korea, 1950-56

Talkprint Pty Ltd, Gardenvale VIC, 1990

ISBN: 06466016563

Bibliography, maps; 279 pages.

A record of the Australian Army’s involvement in the Korean War 1950-56. Includes the nominal roll of all who served with details of units, casualties, awards, many photographs, and a summary of awards.



WOOD, James – The Forgotten Force: The Australian Military Contribution To The Occupation Of Japan 1945-1952

Allen & Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 1998

ISBN: 1864487011

Index, bibliography; 304 pages.

Story of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force of which the RAR formed a significant part. Awards and Honour Roll for BCOF personnel included.



SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)



ALCORN, Ray – The Malayan Emergency, A Brief History of Australian Involvement in a Jungle War

Self Published, Sydney, 1990

ISBN: 0 646 01055 7

Maps, 84 pages.

The publication provides some details of the contacts involving 2 RAR’s first tour in Malaysia (then known as Malaya), and a background to the deployment of the relieving battalion. Photos and diagrams of enemy weapons.



AVERY, Brian – Our Secret War: The 4th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment Defending Malaysia Against Indonesian Confrontation, 1965-1967

Slouch Hat Publications McCrae, Australia, 2001

ISBN: 095852968X and 9780960000000

Index, bibliography; 216 pages.

An insight into the harsh conditions faced by the Australian infantrymen during training, and in the subsequent secret ‘cloak and dagger’ Claret Operations against the Indonesians during Confrontation in Malaysia. Nominal Roll, Awards and Honours included.



SMITH, LTCOL C – Mostly Unsung – Australia and the Commonwealth in the Malaya Emergency 1948-60

Published by author, Melbourne, 1989

ISBN: 073168169X

125 pages.

An overview of the Australian commitment in Malaya & Brunei during the Emergency. Includes a nominal roll and roll of honour.



SMITH, LTCOL Neil C. – Nothing Short of War

Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications, Melbourne, 1999

ISBN: 1876179074

Index, bibliography; 191 pages.

With the Australian Army in Borneo, 1962-66 during Indonesian Confrontation.


SMITH, LTCOL Neil C – Operation Crimp: With the Australian Army on the Malay Peninsular 1964-65.

Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications, Melbourne, 2004

ISBN: 1876179384

49 pages.

A description of the operation followed by a summary of the Indonesian Confrontation and includes a nominal roll of all members who served, mainly 3 RAR.



VIETNAM 1962-75




ANONYMOUS – War Vietnam: A Pictorial Record of Forces in SE Asia 1967/68

Halstead Press, Sydney, 1967


Maps; 256 pages.

Mentions 1 RAR and 5 RAR, and includes NZ and US Forces.



AUSTRALIAN Newspaper – 500: The Australians who died in Vietnam

Thursday August 18 1988 Special Edited publication


Newspaper pages; digital copy possibly now available.

Syndicated Australia wide. Presented in alphabetical order and includes photographs.



1 st Australian Task Force –1st Australian Task Force Rules of Engagement

1 ATF, Nui Dat, 1967


Three page extract from 1st Australian Task Force Standing Operating Procedures. Available digitally. 



1 RAR – A Brief History

1 RAR, location unknown; undated; probably early 1970s.


43 pages.

A battalion production in A4-sized local production booklet form. Concentrates on Vietnam.



5 RAR – Rules of Engagement – October 1966

5 RAR SOP, Nui Dat, 1966


One page extract from SOP. Based on 1st Australian Task Force instructions. Available digitally. 



7 RAR –  Soldier’s Handbook

7 RAR, Holsworthy NSW, 1969 


xx pages.

A gude to conditions of service issues to each soldier of 7 RAR at that time (during the Vietnam War).



7 RAR – Soldier’s Field Handbook

7 RAR, Holsworthy NSW, 1969 


xx pages.

A guide for all soldiers of the battalion in combat, including the Rules for Battle in Vietnam.



7 RAR – Aide-memoire

7 RAR, Holsworthy NSW, 1969 


xx pages.

A pocket-sized guide for NCOs and officers on operations in Vietnam.



7 RAR – Seven in Seventy

Printcraft Press, Sydney, 1971

ISBN: 0855810181

205 pages.

A pictorial record of the Battalion’s second tour in Vietnam, 1970-71.



7 RAR – Notes on Operations

Vietnam 1970-1971

Unit publication, location and date unknown


An A4 size book 25mm thick containing notes on various aspects of operations in Vietnam by some officers of 7 RAR.



7 RAR – After Action Reports

South Vietnam 1970-71

Unit publication, location and date unknown


A 35mm thick A4 sized publication excluding maps comprising the After Action Reports of 10 operations conducted by 7 RAR.



AVERY, LTCOL Col Brian – We Too Were Anzacs: The Sixth Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment/NZ (ANZAC) South Vietnam 1969 to 1970

Slouch Hat Publications, McCrae VIC, 2004

ISBN: 095795244

Index, maps; 255 pages.

This is a story of courage, determination and endurance, in a difficult war fought against an elusive enemy over harsh terrain. Details of each of the

major operations mounted by 6 RAR/NZ are recounted in detail, complemented by many photos and maps. Nominal Roll, Honours and Awards, Roll of Honour included.



AVERY, LTCOL Brian– In The ANZAC Spirit: The Fourth Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment/NZ (ANZAC) South Vietnam, 1968-1969

Slouch Hat Publications, McCrae VIC, 2002

ISBN: 095797521 X

Index, bibliography, illustrations, maps; 220 pages.

Details the battalion’s first tour in Vietnam.



BATTLE, CAPT M. R. (editor) – The Year of the Tigers: The Second Tour of 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in South Vietnam, 1969-70.

Printcraft Press, Brookvale NSW, 1970

ISBN: 0855810009

Operations maps; 207 pages.

A pictorial coverage with commentary of 5 RAR’s second tour of South Vietnam. Includes a Nominal Roll, Roll of Honour, and Decorations & Awards.



BATTLE, CAPT M. R. (editor) – The Year of the Tigers: The Second Tour of 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in South Vietnam, 1969-70.

John Burridge Military Antiques, Swanbourne WA, 1987

ISBN: 0855810009

Operations maps; 215 pages.

This second edition is a revised pictorial record with commentary of 5 RAR’s second tour of South Vietnam. Includes a Nominal Roll, Roll of Honour, Decorations & Awards.



BATTLE, CAPT M R and DAVID S. WILKINS (Editors) – The Year of the Tigers: The Second Tour of 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in South Vietnam, 1969-70

Australian Military History Publications (with assistance from the Australian Army History Unit), Loftus NSW, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9804753-4-0 

Bibliographical references, index; 399 pages.

This third edition is an updated pictorial history with commentary on the actions and achievements of 5 RAR, the ‘Tiger Battalion’, during its second tour of duty. The battalion was engaged in sixteen main operations over twelve months, involving hundreds of battles with the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong including the capture of thousands of enemy defensive bunkers secreted away in dense jungle or mountain hideaways. Includes a Roll of Honour, decorations & awards, operational maps, and a nominal roll.



BREEN, Bob – First to Fight: Australian Diggers, NZ Kiwis & US Paratroopers in Vietnam, 1965-66

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1988

ISBN: 0043202187

Index, bibliography, 316 pages.

This is the story of 1 RAR who fought as part of the 173rd Airborne Brigade (US), a formation which spearheaded the escalation of American intervention in Vietnam. Includes Honours and Awards and a nominal roll.



CHAMBERLAIN, Ernest –The Viet Cong D445 Battalion, their story

Ernest Chamberlain, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9805623-4-7

Index, bibliography, 100 pages for Part 1.

This book is divided into two parts, the second comprising 15 Annexes.

This 145,000-word work presents a translation and examination of The Heroic 445 Battalion: its History and Tradition (Tieu Doan 44 Anh Hung : Lich Su Truyen Thong) i.e. the “445 Battalion History” published in 1991. As near as possible to a literal translation of the Vietnamese text has been attempted – without any omissions. As a result, the English prose may appear somewhat stilted in parts. Nevertheless, it is hoped that this work will bring an understanding of D445’s story to a wider readership.



CHITHAM Ted (Editor) – On Active Service: 9th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment Vietnam Tour of Duty 1968-1969

9RAR Association, Brisbane, 1992

ISBN: 0646101609

Photographs, Maps.

A record of service of the Regiment’s youngest Battalion raised specifically for Vietnam service. Includes an Honours and Awards List, Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.



CHURCH, J.M. – Second to None: 2RAR as the ANZAC Battalion in Vietnam, 1970-71

Army Doctrine Centre, Mosman NSW, 1995

ISBN: 0642229155

Index; 230 pages.

The Commanding Officer’s personal account of 2 RAR’s second tour of Vietnam. Includes a Nominal Roll, Roll of Honour and Awards. Re-printed in 1996 with corrections.



CLARK C.J. CAPT (Editor) – Yours Faithfully: A Record of Service of the 3rd Battalion RAR in Australia and South Vietnam Feb 1969 – October 1971

Printcraft Press, Sydney 1972

ISBN 0959969802

Nominal Roll, Honours & Awards, Honour Roll, photographs, maps, 203 pages.

Primarily a pictorial with some commentary.



CLUNIES-ROSS, Major A (edited by) – The Grey Eight in Vietnam:

The History of Eighth Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment

November 1969 – November 1970

Eight Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment, 1971

ISBN: 0642949034

Illustrations, maps and 160 pages.

Provides a brief history of the battalion prior to and during its tour in South Vietnam. Roll of Honour, Nominal Roll, Awards included.



DENNIS, Peter & GREY, Jeffrey (Editors) – The Australian Army &

the Vietnam War 1962-1972

Australian Army History Unit, Canberra 2002

ISBN: 0642502676

Index, references, 304 pages.

Several chapters address various aspects of the of the RAR battalions’ involvement in Vietnam. An overview of the war is presented and lessons learnt identified.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Australia and the Vietnam War

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2007

ISBN: 1920720782

107 pages; includes CD and DVD.

Published as part of the Government’s commemorations program ‘Saluting their Service’; an educational resource for teachers.




DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – The Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 1996

ISBN: 0642250707

210 pages.

A Nominal Roll of Australian veterans and civilians who served in Vietnam.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Vietnam 1968 The Battle of Fire Support Bases: Coral/Balmoral

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2007

ISBN: 9781877007316

Bibliographical references; 45 pages.

Published as part of the Government’s commemorations program ‘Saluting their Service’; an educational resource for teachers.




ENGLISH, Michael C. – The Riflemen: The Unit History of 3RAR in Vietnam 1971

Australian Military History Publications, 1999

ISBN: 1876439548

Index, bibliography; 182 pages.

The story of 3 RAR’s last tour in Vietnam in 1971. It includes its preparation and operations. The contents of this book have been included in the author’s more recent publication Brave Lads (see below). Includes Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards and Nominal Roll.



ENGLISH, Michael C. – Brave Lads: The Unit History of 3RAR in Vietnam 1968 & 1971

Australian Military History Publications, 1999

ISBN 1876439548

Index, bibliography; 182 pages.

This book includes both tours of service in South Vietnam. In 1968 3RAR was based in Phuoc Tuy Province but also operated outside their area of operations as the need dictated.The unit fought in the Tet Offensive in early 1968 and later operated in the Long Hai hills where it sustained many casualties as a result of mines. In May-June that year, the battalion held off several determined enemy attacks at Fire Support Base Balmoral and, with the Australian military commitment at its height, the battalion continued its active patrolling and ambushing at a high level of activity. 1968 tour is covered as for the other 1991 publication (see above).Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards and Nominal Roll included.



ENGLISH, Michael – The Battle of Long Khanh: 3RAR Vietnam 1971

Army Doctrine Centre, Mossman NSW, 1995

ISBN: 064222266

Bibliography, 74 pages.

A former soldier writes about 3 RAR’s major battle in South Vietnam in 1971 Includes Honours and Awards, Roll of Honour.



FROST, Frank – Australia’s War in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1987

ISBN: 004355024X

Index, bibliography; 211 pages.

Offers a detailed account of the strategy, policies and experience of the Task Force which was based at Nui Dat in Phuoc Tuy Province from 1966 – 1971. All RAR battalions are mentioned.



GRANDIN, Bob (as told to) – The Battle of Long Tan

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2004

ISBN: 174114990

Index; 332 pages.

This is the first time those in direct command of D Coy have shared memories of the most significant battle fought by Australians in Vietnam. Awards included.



HALL, Robert A – Combat Battalion: The Eighth Battalion in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2000

ISBN: 1865082295

Index, bibliography; 308 pages.

Explores the life of Australian infantrymen in the Vietnam War by

focusing on the experience of the men of 8RAR during their tour of duty.



HAM, Paul – Vietnam: The Australian War

Harper Collins Publishers, Sydney, 2007

ISBN: 9780732282370

Index, bibliography, 814 pages.

Drawing on hundreds of accounts by soldiers, politicians, aid workers, entertainers and the Vietnamese people, the full history of our longest

campaign is reconstructed. Contains Roll of Honour, List of the Battalions and their commanders and the Australian Units involved in Vietnam. Roll of Honours included.



HAM, Paul – Vietnam: The Australian War: The Illustrated Edition

Harper Collins Publishers, Sydney, 2010

ABN: 36 009 913 517

Endnotes, index, bibliography, 812 pages.

Similar to the 2007 edition (see above); includes multiple Appendices with Honour Roll, RAR battalions and commanders, units in Vietnam. Most photographed war in history at the time.



HILLMAN, Robert – Australians at War: The Vietnam War

Binara Publishing Pty Ltd, Victoria, 2001

ISBN: 1863912703

Index, 32 pages.

This book explains the background to Australia’s role in the Vietnam War. It includes famous battles, the conditions the soldiers fought under, national service, the anti-war feeling in Australia during the war, as well as the ways we remember and honour those who served in the Vietnam War.



JOHNSON, Major L.D. (Editor) – 6RAR/ NZ (ANZAC) Battalion History 1967 – 1970

6RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion, 1972

ISBN: 0642943656

178 pages, and 25 maps.

Volume Two covers the period from 1967 to 1970 and includes the battalion’s second tour of South Vietnam. Includes an Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.



LAURENT, Rob – A Photographic record of 6 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) battalion 1969-70

Blue Flying Publishing, Highfields QLD, 2011

ISBM: 9780958192156

Index, photographs, maps; 200 pages.

Three of the Australian infantry battalions that served in Vietnam were ANZAC units, incorporating companies of the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. This book tells the story of one such unit: 6RAR/​NZ (ANZAC) Battalion. Also available in DVD.



LEWIS, Stephen – My Vietnam: Photographs by Australian Veterans of the Vietnam Conflict

My Vietnam Trust, Adelaide, 2002

ISBN: 0957970803

Colour illustrations, maps; 197 pages.

A pictorial presentation of the Vietnam War as seen through the cameras, and personal collections of over 80 Australian Vietnam veterans. It reflects the lighter moments of comradeship, on-battle activities, the Vietnamese people and during R & R leave.



McAULAY, Lex – Contact: Australians in Vietnam

Century Hutchinson, Milsons Point NSW, 1989

ISBN: 0 09 169490 6

147 pages.

The dramatic pictorial history of what those years were really like for Australian service personnel – in the field and behind the lines. We see the preparation for battle, scenes from forward command positions; and the aftermath, when the guns had finished firing. We see where they had to fight – the hills and the paddy fields, the jungle and the mud. Roll of Honour and Record of Operations included.



McAULAY, Lex – The Fighting First: Combat Operations in Vietnam 1968-69: The First Battalion, The Royal Australia Regiment

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1991

ISBN: 0044422199

Index; 293 pages.

The story of the second tour to Vietnam of 1RAR and includes the savage battle of Fire Support Base ‘Coral’ in May 1968. Includes Roll of Honour, Nominal Roll and Honours and Awards.



McAULAY, Lex – The Battle of Coral Fire Support Bases Coral and Balmoral May 1968

Century Hutchinson, Australia, 1988

ISBN: 0091690900

Index and Sources; 361 pages.

An absorbing account of the biggest direct unit-level battle involving Australian forces in Vietnam.



McKAY, Gary – Australia’s Battlefields in Vietnam: A traveller’s guide

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2003

ISBN: 1865088234

Bib ID: 190716

Index, Bibliography; 218 pages.

An essential guide to the battlefields of Vietnam for today’s traveller. Provides practical tips on how to get to each site, what to look for and how to avoid the pitfalls of travelling through Vietnam.



McKAY, Gary & STEWART, Elizabeth – Viet Nam Shots: Photographic Account of Australians At War

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2002

ISBN: 1865085413

Index, bibliography, illustrations, maps; 199 pages.

Contains photographs and text pertinent to the RAR, and coverage of Australia’s involvement on the battlefield and more broadly on the home front.


McLEAN-WILLIAMS, Capt Iain – Vietnam: A Pictorial History of the Sixth Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment

Printcraft Press, Australia, 1967

ISBN – none

BIB ID: 2108841

136 pages.

Covers 6RAR’s first tour of Vietnam from June 1966 to June 1967. Includes a Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards, but no Nominal Roll.


MILITARY BOARD, Army Headquarters Canberra – Pocket Book, South Vietnam

Commonwealth Government Printers, Canberra


66 pages.

Designed to be issued to every soldier going to South Vietnam. It provides some information on the history, geography, government, people, armed services, the enemy, language and other useful information.


NEWMAN, MAJ K.E. (Editor) – The Anzac Battalion in SVN 1967-1968

A record of the tour of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment

1st Battalion, The Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment

(The Anzac Battalion) in South Vietnam 1967-68 Volumes I & II

Printcraft Press, Australia, 1968


National Library of Australia Registry Number: 68-2213

Index, 175 pages. Two volumes issued in a case.

The account of 2RAR’s first tour of South Vietnam which includes a Nominal Roll, Roll of Honour and a pictorial record of events. Volume II comprises the maps (marked) of the operations conducted.


O’BRIEN, Michael – Conscripts and Regulars with the Seventh Battalion in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Australia, 1995

ISBN: 186373967X

Indexes, bibliography; 311 pages.

A history of 7RAR and its two tours of duty in Vietnam during 1965 and 1973. Includes a Roll of Honour and a list of Honours and Awards.


O’NEILL, Robert J. – Vietnam Task: The 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment 1966-67

Cassell, Melbourne, 1968

National Library Registration No: 68-331

Index; 256 pages.

Covers the first tour in Vietnam of 5RAR from May 1966; largely compiled during that tour. Includes a Roll of Honour,


PALAZZO, Albert – Australian Military Operations in Vietnam

Australian Army History Unit, Canberra, 2006

ISBN: 1876439106

Index, bibliography; 173 pages plus a DVD.

Highlights some of the successes and failures of the generation of officers who fought in Vietnam for the benefit of today’s and future leaders.


PICKEN, Bruce – Viet Nam Diggers’ Language: Abbreviations, Acronyms, Terms and Jargon of the Viet Nam War

Australian Military History Productions, Loftus VIC, 2006

ISBN: 9781876439583

Illustrations, maps; 212 pages.

Focuses on the Vietnam War era but most of the references therein still apply today. Also provides valuable background information on all combatants in the war, and includes the RAR battalions’ tour dates.


ROBERTS, A.R. Major (Editor) – The Anzac Battalion 1970-71 (2RAR)

Printcraft Press, Sydney, 1972 (Reprinted 2009)

ISBN: 085581019X

Photographs, maps; 176 pages.

Pictorial coverage with maps and commentary of the battalion’s second tour of Vietnam, including Honours and Awards, Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.


ROBERTS, A.R. Major (Editor) – The Anzac Battalion 1970-71 (2RAR)

Printcraft Press, Sydney, 2009

ISBN: 085581019X

Photographs, two large folding maps; 176 pages.

Updated version of the 1972 pictorial coverage with maps and commentary of the battalion’s second tour of Vietnam. including Honours and Awards, Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.


RODERICK TW, BURGESS CE, BRETZKE, GE – Stass Star: B Company 4RAR South Vietnam May – Dec 1971

Printcraft Press, Brookvale NSW

ISBN: unknown

32 pages.

A pictorial coverage of B Coy 4RAR’s tour in Vietnam within the full battalion setting from May – Dec 71. Nominal Roll of B Coy included.


ROWE, John – Australians At War: Vietnam the Australian Experience

Time-Life Books Australia (in association with John Ferguson), Sydney, 1987

ISBN: 0949118079

Index, bibliography and 168 pages.

Most aspects of the conflict are addressed, including the advisers, the regulars, the nashos, dissent following the Tet Offensive, and the final phase of Australia’s involvement. Good photography and diagrams of some of the main small arms and armoured fighting vehicle armaments.


SAYCE, R.L & O’NEILL M.D (co-editors assisted by PTE A Gaton) – The Fighting Fourth

Printcraft Press Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1972

ISBN: 0855810203

Maps, 208 pages.

A pictorial record of 4 RAR/NZ (Anzac) Battalion second tour of Vietnam 1971-1972. Includes an Honours and Awards list, Honour Roll, Nominal Roll.



Source details TBA

This source provides a list arranged in chronological sequence and includes such details as numbers, name, rank, unit, corps, type of casualty and some other details.


SMITH, Neil – 8th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, Fatal and Non Fatal Casualty List South Vietnam 1969-70

Mostly Unsung Military History, Brighton, VIC, 2012


No index, 8 pages.

An alphabetical list of all casualties by type suffered by 8RAR on their tour of South Vietnam. Is stated to include 165 more people than previously published.


STUART, R.F. Major (Editor) – 3RAR in South Vietnam 1967-1968

Printcraft Press, Sydney, 1968

Bibliography ID NLA: 1141659

Photographs, maps; 104 pages.

A pictorial, maps and commentary, record of the battalion’s tour in South Vietnam 12 December 1967 – 20 November 1968. Honours and awards list, Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.


TAYLOR, Jerry – Last Out: 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion’s second tour in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2001

ISBN: 1865085618

Index, bibliography; 270 pages.

The story of the training and preparation for war and the deployment of 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion, and the Australian and New Zealanders who made up this outstanding infantry battalion in 1970-71.


VICKERY B, HOEBEE B, DANIELS T, DALY B, SUTHERLAND B and TATE, D – 9th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment: “Proud to Serve”: A Historical Tribute to those who served in the Battalion.

9 RAR Association, 2006

ISBN: 0646462946

Index, bibliography; 292 pages.

The final chapter in the short but proud history of 9 RAR. It provides a historical sketch of the Battalion after its return from South Vietnam at the end of 1969 until its colours were laid up and the Battalion removed from the ORBAT in 1973. Contains reflections from Commanding Officers John Essex-Clark and Eric Philip, and a nominal roll for 1970-1973.


WALCH, Martin – The Battle of Long Tan: Facts Sheet.

Red Dunne Films, 2006


Small publication prepared for a documentary film that was screened on the History Channel Foxtel and Austar on 16 August 2006.


WEBB, J.R. Lieutenant RNZIR (Editor) – Mission in Vietnam: The Tour in South Vietnam of 4RAR/NZ (Anzac)Battalion and 104 Field Battery, June 1968-May 1969

4th Battalion RAR Association, Times Printers Singapore, 1969

ISBN: Unknown

BIB NO NLA: 835347

Photographs, maps; 130 pages.

A pictorial with maps and commentary of the Battalion’s first tour in Vietnam. Includes Honours and Awards (including citations), Honour Roll and Nominal Roll.


WEBSTER, David and ELLIS, Ross – Through A Soldier’s Lens: 7RAR The Two Tours In Vietnam 1967-68 & 1970-71

Pirion, Canberra, 2004

ISBN: 0646441574

365 pages.

Pictorial of both of 7RAR’s tours. Nominal Roll for both tours, Roll of Honour included.


WELCH Captain Nick, assisted by HERBERT Lt Mark, STEVENS Lt Mark, STRUDWICK Lt Grant –A History of The Sixth Battalion The Royal

Australian Regiment 1965-85

Cardinal Business Services, Brisbane, 1986

ISBN: 1862523649

Operational maps, 208 pages.

The story of 6RAR for the period 1965-85. Nominal Roll, Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards included.



WINDSOR, Gerard – All Day Long The Noise Of Battle, An Australian attack in Vietnam

Pier 9, Millers Point NSW, 2011

ISBN: 9781741969184 (pbk)

254 pages.

During the Tet Offensive in Vietnam in February 1968 an Australian infantry company assaulted a North Vietnamese bunker complex. In the longest sustained attack fought by Australians during the Vietnam War the soldiers went forward again and again over three days. Yet the battle passed without any notice in Australia. Partial roll of those involved.





(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)




2 RAR Production Team – Battle Group “Samichon” 2008
Regal Printing, ???, 2008
ISBN: 978-988-98764-1-8

Size TBA.
A record of 2RAR Battle Group Samichon in Timor Leste from Oct 07 to Apr 08 on “Operation Astute”.


BREEN, Bob – A Little Bit Of Hope: Australian Force Somalia

Allen & Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 1998

ISBN: 186448702X

Index, bibliography; 499 pages.

This is an objective analysis of the Australian Operation in Somalia – the decisions, the factors and events that led to its successes and to its frustrations and failures. The lessons learned from this operation will be invaluable to those who are involved in peacekeeping operations in the future. Includes Honours and Awards, Nominal Roll and images.


BREEN, Bob (text) & RAMAGE, Gary (photographs) – Through Aussie Eyes

Defence Public Relations, Canberra, 1994

ISBN: 0642200971

Bib ID: 4326690

150 pages.

Covers 1RAR service in Somalia from Jan-May 1993 engaged in Operation Restore Hope 1992-93.


 BREEN, Bob – Mission Accomplished: East Timor: the Australian Defence Force participation in the International Forces East Timor (INTERFET)


Allen & Unwin Sydney, Australia, 2000

ISBN: 1865084980

Index, 226 pages.

Covers 2RAR, 3RAR and 5/7RAR operations in East Timor with INTERFET from Sep 99 to Feb 2000.


CAMPBELL, Major Brian (Editor) – 4RAR BN GP in East Timor OP Tanager

Success Print, Bayswater WA, 2001

ISBN: 0646499025

206 pages.

Comprises the stories of the men and women who served with the 4th Battalion Group during Operation TANAGER, Rotation Four, from 16 Apr to 26 Oct 01. Nominal Roll included.


CARTER, Duncan Andrew –Timor Blue – AUSBATT VIII 1 RAR Battalion Group Operation Citadel East Timor 2003

1 RAR, Townsville, 2003

ISBN: Nil.

100 pages.

A record of the 1 RAR battalion group known as AUSTBATT VIII, in East Timor.


FERNDALE Major Steven (Editor) – Operation Lorosae: A record of 1ST Battalion Group Operation in East Timor Oct 2000- Apr 2001.

Publishing Services, Loftus, 2001

ISBN: 1870439440

206 pages.

Tour of duty described in detail including operations orders and reports, soldiers’ perspectives and those of families back home are included.


GOOD, Captain Dave (Editor) – Back to the Border: 2nd Battalion Group in East Timor

Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2004

ISBN: 174114 0080

Index; 286 pages.

From October 2001 to April 2002, members of the 2nd Battalion Group served in the Bobonaro District of East Timor as part of the UN Transitional

Administration. This is an historical and pictorial record of the 2RAR’s time in East Timor, and draws on the memories of those who served.


HORNER, David, LONDEY, Peter & BOU, Jean, (Editors) – Australian Peacekeeping: Sixty Years in the Field

Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, 2009

ISBN: 978 0 521 73592 6 (pbk)

Index; 331 pages.

In the last 60 years, between 30,000 and 40,000 Australian military personnel and police have served in more than 50 peacekeeping missions over 27 different conflicts. This publication provides an explanation of what occurred on each mission and, except for two occasions where it does not identify the regimental details of the participating units, it identifies the acronym used.


Operation Solace 1 Operation Study Team Papers

Source data TBA


A unit publication, covering the period December 92 until June 93, the period of Operation Solace 1. The aim of the paper was to examine operational aspects of Solace with a view to identifying key issues and lessons learned.


STOCKING, Craig (Editor) – Paratroops and Peacekeepers: 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, East Timor 1999-2000

3 RAR, Sydney, 2000


OCLC Number: 224442539

152 pages.

This pictorial publication is produced as a memento for 3 RAR soldiers. The content is based on unit operational and soldiers recollections and does not necessarily present Department of Defence official policies or perspectives. Nominal Roll, Honours and Awards included.




IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


Nil entry


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


8/9 RAR – Mentoring Task Force Four Afghanistan 2012

8/9 RAR, Self-published, 2013


No index or other identifiers, all coloured photographs; approx. 130 pages.

Mentoring Task Force Four (MTF 4) was the last battle group to carry out such duties in Afghanistan. Based on 8/9 RAR and commanded by CO 8/9 RAR LTCOL Kahlil Fegan, MTF 4 numbered over 800 personnel including foreign attachments. This book is best described as a photographic record of their tour of duty, including nominal rolls by Mentor Teams (company sized groups). There are no other data or information at all, not even a date of publication or cognisance of who compiled this visually impressive record.


CONNOLLY, Colonel Peter – Counterinsurgency in Uruzgan 2009

Land Warfare Studies Centre, Canberra, 2011

ISBN: 9780642297433 (pbk)

Index, notes identifying reference material, glossary of terms and acronyms, maps and photos, 80 pages.

There are several references to RAR units which were part of MRTF-2. The publication examines the requirements of counter insurgency operations in the modern era, in this instance the second half of 2009 in Afghanistan.



THIRKILL, Julian Major (compiler) – Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force 2: June 2009- February 2010

MRTF 2 Defence Publishing Service, Canberra, 2010


254 pages.

Text, maps and photographs of 1 RAR’s deployment to Afghanistan on Operation Slipper. Includes Nominal Roll.



Unit author – War in the Valleys – 7th Battalion Battle Group (MRTF-1) Afghanistan October 2008 to June 2009

Mesh Publishing, Melbourne, 2011

ISBN: 0646564110, 9780646564111

Coloured photos and maps, 144 pages.

A record of the Battalion tour of duty in Afghanistan and details its organization and operations for the period; includes detail of those other units in support. Nominal Roll included.

This different edition appears to have been created first.



Unit author – War in the Valleys – 7th Battalion Battle Group (MRTF-1) Afghanistan October 2008 to June 2009

Ryter Publishing, Melbourne, 2012

ISBN: 9780 646 56411 1

120 pages.

A record of the Battalion tour of duty in Afghanistan and details its organization and operations for the period; includes detail of those other units in support. Nominal Roll included. This different edition appears to have been created shortly after the first (above).




(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)



Nil entry





This Part provides details of publications and other materials generated by individuals, telling their own or others’ factual stories without official backing to do so. They differ from Part 2 mainly on the basis that the individual author/s are responsible for their product, not the organisation from which they came or write about.


ANONYMOUS, Stories of Australians at War

ABC Books Australia, Sydney, 2002

ISBN: 0733310788

236 pages.

Contains short personal exploits from the Boer War to the First Gulf War, and Peacekeeping operations.


BEALE, Pat DSO, MC – Operation Orders: The experiences of an Infantry Officer: Malaya, PNG, Vietnam 1963-1970

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2003

ISBN: 1876439513

Index, 141 pages.

Contains descriptions of service in Malaysia, including operations in Borneo with 3RAR during the period 1963-65. Also included is service in Papua New Guinea during 1967-69 and operations in Vietnam with the AATTV during 1970-71.


BEVAN, Scott – Battle Lines: Australian Artists at War

Random House Australia, Milson’s Point NSW, 2004

ISBN: 1740513290

Bibliography, paintings; 310 pages.

War artists from the Vietnam War through to the First Gulf War, Iraq and Timor including by an ex-RAR soldier who became a war artist.


BURGESS, Pat – Warco: Australian Reporters at War

William Heinemann Australia, Melbourne, 1986

ISBN: 0855610565

Index, Bibliography, Illustrated maps; 254 pages.

Addresses the period of the Vietnam War and beyond from a war correspondence’s perspective.


BURCHETT, Wilfred G – Vietnam: Inside Story of the Guerrilla War

International Publishers Co Inc, 1965

Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 65-19627


Bib ID: 2525680

Index; 252 pages.

An eyewitness report by the only Western writer known to have travelled throughout the areas of Vietnam controlled by the National Liberation Front.


CANNARD, Patricia and SHEPPARD, Monica (Editors) – The Digger’s Own Stories

The Third Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Corporation / Victory Press Printing, Bribie Island, 2009

ISBN: Vol 1 9780 9807020 0 2  

ISBN: Vol 2 9780 9807020 1 9

Vol 1 – captioned photographs; 342 pages.

Vol 2 – list of authors; 348 pages.

Over 250 personal stories, letters, tributes and poems. Articles comprising

personal stories, extracted from 21 years of 3RAR journal (Old Faithful) from every conflict in which 3RAR has served from Korea to Afghanistan. 150 authors, including ironically, Chin Peng, the leader of the enemy during the Malayan Emergency 1948-60 and then the Communist Insurgency/Second Malaysian Emergency 1968-89, the latter of which involved all RAR battalions through the provision of Rifle Company Butterworth.


COBLEY, Colonel Philip (Tom) – The Final Tally 1969-2009

The London Press, London, 2009

ISBN: 978-1-905006-96-0

ISBN: 9781905006991 (pbk) – 384 pages

Index, 278 pages.

An autobiography of his military career spanning forty years from entry to RMC Duntroon in 1969 for service in the Australian Army and thereafter in the British Army. Chapter Four covers his service in the RAR during the period 1976 -1984.


CAULFIELD, Michael (Editor) – Voices of War: Stories from the Australians at War Film Archive

Hodder Australia, 2006

ISBN 10: 0733620507

ISBN-13: 978-0733620508

Index, credits, 451 pages.

The stories of ordinary Australians caught up by circumstances, and by duty. Personal stories of participants in all wars from WW 1 to Somalia. 1, 2 & 7 RAR are mentioned.


CLARK, LG and NIXON Marion – Bulldust Baffles Brains

Marion Nixon Pty Ltd, Crawley WA, 1992 (1st Edition, 1997 (2nd Edition)

ISBN: 0 606 11080 2

Cartoons by Paul Rigby; 152 pages.

A supported autobiography that includes time in Japan and then Korea (with 3 RAR), part of a lifelong story that includes service with the SASR in Vietnam.


CLAYTON, Nigel – Australian Infantry

This book has the same content as KELLY, Simon – The Long Road To Rwanda

Nigel Clayton (self published), 2005

ISBN: 0 9757409 0 3

Glossary, 172 pages.

This compilation of short stories takes the reader on a journey through 16 years of service in the RA Inf/RAR. It includes peace time training and time on operations, from 1981 to 1996.


CORRIGAN, Brian – In Harm’s Way

Pan MacMillian Australia, 2008

ISBN: 9781405038676

ISBN: 9781742624853 (e-book)

ISBN-10: 1405038675

Colour plates; 261 pages.

In late 2006 Brian Corrigan led an SAS team into Lebanon to retrieve the two small children of Melissa Hawach. In Harm’s Way is Brian’s story of what happened in Lebanon – their daring rescue mission and subsequent capture. Includes details of Corrigan’s background, and service with 3RAR and his two tours of East Timor prior to leaving the Australian Army. Several different ISBN identified.


COSGROVE, Peter General – My Story

Harper Collins Publishers Australia Pty Ltd, 2006

ISBN: 0732283841

ISBN: 9780730445180

ISBN 10: 0730445186

Index, 468 pages.

General Cosgrove’s autobiography includes his service with 1RAR in Malaysia 1969; 9RAR and the 1st ATF Defence & Employment Platoon in Vietnam 1969-1970; 5/7 RAR, CO 1 RAR and later, command of HQ 1st Div/DJFHQ, and INTERFET in East Timor 1999-2000, then CGS and CDF.


CRUICKSHANK, James Arthur ‘Jim’ – In the Sun Down Under: Recollections and Memories

Self-published, Self-funded, 1977 (1st Edition), 2002 (2nd Edition)


Hardbound volume held by family, copy 2nd Edition also in RARA Office.

A personal recollection of his service and family life in the British Royal Marines and the Australian Army with particular reference to his service with the RAR in Korea and Vietnam. Copy procurable through Registrar.


DEFENCE WIDOWS SUPPORT GROUP ACT, (Compilers) – Here There and Away, Voices of the families of those who served

Big Sky Publishing Pty Ltd, Newport NSW, Australia

ISBN: 9781922132161 (pbk)

Bibliography; 297 pages.

A unique collection of heart- warming and entertaining stories from the families of ex-servicemen across the three branches of the ADF. The RAR is well represented.


DEPT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Simply Hell Let Loose: Stories of Australians at War

ABC Books – Australia, Sydney, 2002

ISBN: 0733310788

ISBN: 9780733310782

Book and braille editions; 236 pages.

Contains short personal exploits from the Boer War to the Gulf War, and Peacekeeping operations. One story is of a 2RAR sniper in Korea, Pte Cyril ‘Frenchy’ Ray.


DICKENS, Barry – Ordinary Heroes: Personal recollections of Australians at War

Hardie Grant Books, Melbourne, 1999

ISBN: 9781864981032

312 pages.

Records the author’s frank interviews with ordinary Australians who found themselves involved in the most nightmarish events of the twentieth century. An RAR South Vietnam veteran is interviewed. Several ISBNs.


ESSEX-CLARK, John – Maverick Soldier: An Infantryman’s Story

Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1991

ISBN: 0522844537

Index; 237 pages.

The autobiography of an infantryman who rose to the rank of brigadier from private soldier during several post-WW II campaigns in the South African and Australian armies.


ESSEX-CLARK, John DSM – Hassett: Australian Leader

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2005

ISBN: 1876439653

Index, bibliography; 293 pages.

The biography of General Sir Francis Hassett includes detail of his command of 3RAR in Korea during 1951-52, especially the Battle of Maryang San in October 1951.


FAULKNER, Andrew – Stone Cold: the extraordinary true story of Len Opie Australia’s Deadliest Soldier

Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest, 2016

ISBN: 9781742373782

Index; 320 pages.

Through three wars, Len Opie carved a reputation as one of the country’s greatest infantrymen. This book takes the reader into New Guinea and Borneo and some of the fiercest battles of World War II. It goes to the cold heart of Korea, where Len emerged from the ranks to fight in the Battles of Kapyong and Maryang San. And it drops the reader into the centre of the American counterinsurgency war in Vietnam with Len’s involvement in the CIA’s shadowy black ops program, Phoenix.


FIELD, Paul – Gimme Shelter: Stories of courage, endurance and survival from the frontline and back home

Echo Publishing, Richmond VIC, 2017

ISBN: 9781760404352

Images; 291 pages.

A compilation of twenty stories of men and women including Vietnam, East Timor and Afghanistan veterans, some with struggles in both war and thereafter having returned to everyday life after military (and other) service. Includes individuals who served with the RAR.


GIBBONS, Margaret – 50th Anniversary The Royal Australian Regiment 1948-1998: Remember the Green Parrot

The RAR Association Queensland Branch, Brisbane, 1998


67 pages.

Poems of events, activities and characters of the Regiment from its first 50 years.


GIBBONS, Margaret – The RAR’s National Memorial Walk

The RAR Association Queensland Branch, Brisbane, 2010


30 pages.

A brief history of the Walk’s establishment and those who made it happen. Includes photographs and an Honour Roll.


GIBBONS, Margaret – March to Hoop-de-do

Self Published, Brisbane, 2012


Colour photos, A4; 28 pages.

A book of 14 poems dedicated to soldiers who have served with 2RAR and other RAR battalions. Each poem is illustrated with a coloured photo and preceded with a short story which provides a poignant background to the poem.


GREY, Jeffrey – A Soldier’s Soldier: A Biography of Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Daly, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge , 2013

ISBN 10: 1107031273

ISBN 13: 9781107031272

Index, References, 264 pages.

Daly was a renowned soldier and one of the most influential figures in Australia’s military history. As Chief of the General Staff during the Vietnam War, he oversaw a significant re-organisation of the Army during that war under political and resource restrictions.


HESELTINE, Harry (Editor) –The Shock of Battle: Occasional Paper No. 16

UNSW, Australian Defence Force Academy, Campbell ACT, no date

ISBN: 0731700880

Bib ID: 2616775

Bibliography; 182 pages.

Contains a series of papers on ‘battle shock;’ includes Vietnam and some RAR references.


KELLY, Simon – The Long Road To Rwanda

This book has the same content as CLAYTON, Nigel – Australian Infantry

Meni Publishing & Binding, Cranbrook Vic, 2006

ISBN: 978 0 9757409 7 2

Glossary; 244 pages.

This compilation of short stories takes the reader on a journey through   16 years of service in the RA Inf/RAR. It includes peace time training and time on operations from 1981 to 1996.


KENNY, Ross MM – Duty First Can Be Fun

Self-published; location and date published TBA

ISBN: Unknown

Includes coloured photos, 34 pages.

This is a self-depreciating humorous look at an impressive career which spanned over 30 years as he rose through the ranks from private to major and served in over a dozen different countries while doing so.


 LAFFIN, John – Digger: The Legend of the Australian Soldier

Cassell and Company, 1959,1960

ISBN: 0333414705

McMillan, 1986, 1990

ISBN: 0-7251 0594 1

Index, 296 pages.

The RAR and SASR are mentioned briefly, with individuals and place names in the Index. Multiple reprints exist with each edition having its unique value to the researcher.


LENNOX, Gina – Forged by War: Australians in combat and back home

Melbourne University Press, Carlton VIC, 2005

ISBN: 0 522 851711

Notes, no index; 326 pp.

Australian veterans including General Peter Cosgrove and other RAR veterans and their families discuss war and how it has changed their lives, and the personal consequences of military service on family relationships.


LOWRY, Robert – The Last Knight, A Biography of General Sir Phillip Bennett AC, KBE, DSO

Big Sky Publishing, Newport NSW, 2011

ISBN: 9780980814040 (hbk)

Index, bibliography, 409 pages.

Bennett’s story is not only one of battles and heroic exploits, but also a story of the contest for ‘policy dominance’ between the civil servants and the military leadership, illustrating what was involved in forging the foundations of the Australian Defence Force. He was the last Knight to command the Australian Defence Force while serving.


LINDSAY, Patrick –The Spirit Of The Digger: Then and Now

Pan Macmillan Australia, Sydney, 2003

ISBN: 0732911818

Index; 324 pages.

Deals with the Australian soldier from the First Fleet to Afghanistan. Many personal experiences from members of the RAR included.


LINDSAY, Patrick – The Spirit of the Digger

Harper Collins, Sydney, 2011

ISBN: 978 0 7322 9275 (pbk)

Index, references; 320 pages.

This second edition, with the shorter name, also lists the 27 soldiers KIA in Afghanistan as at the time of publication, most of whom were, or had served in, the RAR.


MANSFORD, George – The Spirit of Australia: A Collection of Short Stories and Verse

George Mansford, Gordonvale, 2016

ISBN: 978-0-646-91283-7

“Warrie” George provides immense insights to service in the RAR with this publication. Some specific and some general, these stories and poems address the camaraderie, mateship, sacrifice, humour and other sentiments with which everyone to have served in the RAR can immediately associate.


MEEHAN, Robert (Compiler) – RAR Buddies: “What a Bloody Laugh”

Zeus Publications, Burleigh QLD, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-92229-11-3 (pbk)

298 pages.

A wide-ranging collection of about 130 soldier stories from across most deployments in which RAR members have served. Highly insightful material which gives a soldier’s perspective of life in the Regiment. Language warning is provided by the author – he quotes some sources verbatim.


MEEHAN, Robert OAM (Compiler) – RAR Buddies: “Still Bloody Laughing”

Zeus Publications, Burleigh QLD, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-92229-63-2 (pbk)

380 pages.

A follow-on publication to the 2013 book by a similar name (see above). Another wide-ranging collection of about 200 soldier stories from across most deployments in which RAR members have served. Highly insightful material which gives a soldier’s perspective of life in the Regiment. Language warning is provided by the author – he quotes some sources verbatim.


MCFARLANE, Brian – We Band of Brothers

Brian W McFarlane, Bowral NSW, 2000

ISBN: 0646388495

Bibliographical references, index; 449 pages.

Covers the author’s early life, his time in school cadets, national service officer training and overseas service in Malaya, Papua New Guinea and South Vietnam.


MORRISON, Major Robert (RAAC) (Compiler)- The Warrior Poets: An Anthology: Poetry of The Australian Army 1901-2001

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2001

ISBN: 1876439149

(Index, bibliography; 435 pages. CD included.

Covers poetry from the BCOF through all campaigns and peacekeeping operations that the RAR participated in up to 2001.


NEAVE, Denny – Aussie Soldier: Up Close and Personal

Big Sky Publishing, Wavell Heights QLD, 2008

ISBN: 9780980325119

Index, bibliography; 316 pages.

Mainly includes anecdotes from over 200 Australian soldiers covering all conflicts involving the RAR at the time of publication.



Big Sky Publishing, Wavell Heights QLD, 2008

ISBN: 9780980325133

Photos, 182 pages.

A collection of stories that are entertaining, emotional and humorous. The RAR is well represented.


NEAVE, Denny (Editor) – SOLDIERS’ TALES # 2

Big Sky Publishing, Wavell Heights QLD, 2012

ISBN: 9781921941795 (pbk)

Photos, 176 pages.

Soldier’s Tales # 2 is a further unique collection of personal accounts told by soldiers or relatives who have lived with their soldiers’ stories. The RAR is well represented.


PARRY, Bill – We Were There in the RAR

Immaculate Heart Printhall, Baguio City Philippines, 2005

ISBN: 0957951329

289 pages.

True stories about the RAR’s commitments on active service and peace keeping missions from the Korean War to Iraq as at the time of publication.


PARRY, Bill – Battle Heroes and Humour in the RAR

New Baguio Offset Press, Philippines, 2007

ISBN: 0957951337

302 pages.

True stories, humour and poems from at home and abroad from Korea to Vietnam. It captures the ethos of life in the RAR.


PRASCEVIC, James – Returned Soldier: My Battles: Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Melbourne Books, Melbourne, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-922129-41-3

16page colour section, 280 pages.

The author’s story of service with 1 RAR in three different operational environments and the personal battle he had with the consequences.


SADLER, Rex & HAYLLAR, Tom – In the Line of Fire

Pan Macmillan, Sydney, 2006

ISBN: 9780330422475 

Index, bliographical references; 358 pages.

Explores the nature of combat from the perspective of the men doing the actual fighting. Includes Korea and Vietnam.


SAVAGE, Roy – Roy (Doc) Savage’s Diaries

Self-published, 2004

ISBN: Not applicable

Accessible at:

Multiple personal and generic photographs, presented in timeslots that make convenient reading.

A web-based diary of a soldier who served from 9 Feb 61 to 24 Nov 98. Service included that with 3 RAR and 7 RAR. Malaya, Malay-Thai border, Borneo and Vietnam.


SMITH, Harry – Long Tan – The start of a lifelong battle

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2016

ISBN: 9781925275780

Index; 352 pages.

This source recounts the battle for which there are other source histories, including from Smith himself. This source provides a coverage of his life including service with the RAR in Malaya and South Vietnam. This one includes the post-Vietnam struggle to achieve greater individual recognition for members of his company who were on the ground in the actual battle, a seminal outcome to occur in 2016. It provides a revealing insight into operational decision making including mistakes and blunders as well as the eventual victory albeit at a high cost in casualties on both sides, and being a “near-run” thing for D Coy 6 RAR, and in fact, the whole Australian force.


STRETTON, Alan – Soldier in a Storm

Collins Publishers Pty Ltd, Sydney, 1978

ISBN: 000216406X

320 pages.

Alan Stretton’s autobiography includes details of his service as CO 2 RAR in Malaya 1961-1963. Also includes 5/7 and 6 RAR’s assistance during the Cyclone Tracy recovery operations. This book is deliberately listed here (for longitudinal researchers) AND in last section of this PART (humanitarian and DACC operations).


WARNER, Denis – Not Always On Horseback: An Australian Correspondent At War And Peace In Asia 1961-1993

Allen & Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 1997

ISBN: 1864484675

Index, 266 pages.

Although the Regiment is only briefly mentioned it provides a detailed background in which the Australian forces operated post-WWII, providing perspective to the various deployments in which the RAR battalions participated.


WARNER, Denis – Not With Guns Alone

Hutchison Australia, Sydney, 1977

ISBN: 0091303206

Biographical references; 286 pages.

Some references to the RAR.




BARTLETT, Norman (Editor) – With the Australians in Korea

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1954, 1959, 1960

BIB ID: 2187331

ISBN: none

Index, bibliography; 294 pages.

Story of Australia’s part in the Korean War told mostly

by the men who served as combatants or war correspondents. Several updates available.


BLANKLEY, Jack – A Going Around the Mulberry Trees: Korea 1952-53

Publisher TBA

ISBN: Unknown


Personal memoir of a New Zealand-born Australian who served in Korea as an infantry signaller with 3RAR. Out of print and rare, but occasionally able to be located.


CLUNE, Frank – Ashes of Hiroshima: A Post-War trip to Japan and China

Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1950

BIB ID: 710425

ISBN: none

299 pages Bibliography, maps on lining paper

WWII 1939-45 – Japan – Allied Occupation 1945-52 – Personal Narratives.


GERSTER, Robin – Travels in Atomic Sunshine, Australia and the Occupation of Japan

Scribe Publications Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 2008

ISBN: 9781921215346 (hbk)

Index, notes, pictures; 327 pages.

For over six years, up to 20,000 Australian servicemen, of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force including their wives and children, participated in an historic experiment in nation-building in Japan dominated by the United States. This is regarded by many as the forerunner of today’s peacekeeping missions for Australian troops.


GORDON Harry – The Embarrassing Australian: The Story of An Aboriginal Warrior

Lansdowne Press, Melbourne, 1962. Second edition 1965

BIB ID: 2280405


172 pages.

A tribute to Lieutenant Reginald Saunders, the first aboriginal to become an officer in the Australian Army. He served in the Middle East, Greece, Crete during WW II, and then in Korea with 3RAR as OC C Coy.


GREEN, Olwyn – The Name’s Still Charlie

University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 1993

ISBN: 0702224715

Bibliographical references, 302 pages.

Biography of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Green, an Australian hero of WWII and Korea. Covers his time with 41st Battalion (Militia) prior to WWII, the 2/11 Battalion during WWII, and then 3 RAR in Korea where he was KIA. Republished in 2010 by Australian Military History Publications: ISBN: 978-0-9805674-3-4, being a facsimile of the 1993 Edition.


HASTINGS, Max – The Korean War

Pan Books Ltd, Sydney, 1988 (First published by Michael Joseph Ltd 1987)

ISBN: 071812068X

Index, bibliography; 476 pages.

Brief mention is made of the Regiment in the overall context of the conflict.


HOLDEN, Ernie R – Mates, Mortars and Minefields: with 2RAR in Korea 1953

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2006

ISBN 1876439629

Index; 264 pages.

Story of the author’s life including service in Korea in 1953 with 2RAR. Includes casualty figures and a name index.


LEWIS, Stephen (Compiler) – Korea: The Undeclared War

The RAR Association SA Branch, Adelaide, 2008

ISBN: 9780646490137

Glossary, bibliography;172 pages.

A photograph homage that covers the war from the individual’s perspective.


MATTHEWS, Bruce – Wild Knights in No Man’s Land: The Korean War recalled by an Australian Infantry Officer

IPL/Transpress, New Zealand, 2003

ISBN: 0-97515320-0-X

No index, colloquial references; 247 pages.

An ex-NZ infantry officer, who volunteered for served with 3RAR as a platoon

commander in 1953, provides an interesting perspective of his experiences.


O’DOWD, Ben – In Valiant Company: Diggers in battle – Korea, 1950-51

University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 2000

ISBN: 0702231460

Index, biographical references; 212 pages.

O’Dowd, commander of A Company, 3RAR recounts the first 8 months of the Korean War, culminating in the Battle of Kapyong.


PEARS, Maurie – Land Battles Korea – The Royal Australian Regiment in Korea 1951-53

Stratagem Pty Ltd, 2015

ISBN: 978-9586589-0-4


A compilation of battle summaries by other writers, with an overview and general timelines of the war. Released in favour of 3 RAR’s 70th birthday in 2015.


PEARS, Maurie & KIRKLAND, Fred (Compilers) – Korea Remembered:

The RAN, ARA and RAAF in the Korean War of 1950-53

Department of Defence Australia, Canberra, 1998

ISBN: 0958658919

Hard cover, 394 pages. Reprinted 2002 in soft cover.

Personal stories of those involved in the conflict, including RAR prisoners of war.


SHARP, Derek G – My Year in the Forgotten War: Under the UN Flag

Self-published, Morisset NSW, 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9807671-9-3

Index; 164 pages.

Author served as 2IC of 1 RAR in Korea. This book was written in 1952-4 when his memory was strong, but not published until 2012. More a conventional story than a detailed history, the book’s interest and personal touch is enhanced further by its many photographs.


THIELE, Ron – Korea – The Forgotten War, 1950-1953

Parker Pattinson Publishing, Douglas Park NSW, 2003

ISBN: 0646418238

No index; 130 pages.

A brief history of Australian infantry operations in the Korean

War, including the author’s personal experience with 3RAR during 1951-52.


THOMPSON, Peter & MACKLIN, Robert – Keep Off the Skyline

John Wiley & Sons Australia, Milton QLD, 2004

ISBN: 1740310837

Index, bibliographical references; 224 pages.

Focuses on the experiences of Ron Cashman MM who had just turned

19 when he left to fight with 3RAR in the Korean War.


WOOD, Ian A – On Patrol with the BCOF in Japan

Ian A Wood, Mudgeeraba QLD, no date

ISBN: 0646179721

Photos, 158 pages.

Story developed from a diary kept by the author who was a member of the 65th Bn and then served for two years in Japan with the RAR.


SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)


BANNISTER, Colin – An Inch of Bravery: 3 RAR in the Malayan Emergency 1957-59

Directorate of Army Public Affairs, Canberra, 1994

ISBN: 0 642 21207 4

Index, Bibliography; 170 pages.

An account of 3 RAR’s tour in Malaya fighting the Communist terrorists. Seven Appendices including a Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards, Nominal Roll.


BARBER, Noel – The War of the Running Dogs

Collins, London, 1971

ISBN: 0002119323

Maps, bibliography; 284 pages.

A British-focused story of the Malayan Emergency 1948-60; regarded by many as a classic.


CARROLL, Max – Tracking as a team

Unpublished, date unknown


Six A4-page monograph.

This is a short autobiography, sponsored by Colin Adamson, featuring 3 RAR anti-terrorist operations on Malaya, with an emphasis on tracking. All RAR Battalions to deploy during the Malayan Emergency used a visual tracking capability, usually based on the Anti-Tank platoon, supported by some company trackers, and sometimes using indigenous Iban trackers. Copy soon available in the RARA electronic library.


GIBBONS, Marco ‘Kiwi’– Manhunt Specialists: 3RAR Tracker Team Malaya 1957-79

Self-published, Brisbane, updated


49 page compilation of images, maps and information on the 3 RAR Tracker Team in Malaya. Copy available from author, and in RAR Association library.



VIETNAM 1962-75



5 RAR Association – 5 RAR Formation and Preparation for War

An Adjutant’s description of the formation of 5 RAR and its preparation for the Vietnam War. By Captain Peter Isaacs, Adjutant 1st Tour. See


5 RAR Association – To Nui Dat with the 173rd Airborne Brigade

The story of two officers of 5RAR sent to the American 173rd Airborne Brigade for a familiarisation patrol before 5RARs first operation in Phuoc Tuy Province. Captain Peter Isaacs, Adjutant 1st Tour. See


5 RAR Association – The Long Hai Hills Incident

B Company, 5 RAR 1967′ while riding in APCs hit a massive mine and booby traps, killing nine and wounding 17. This account was given by the RMO, Captain Doc White. See


5 RAR Association –The Village of Dat Do Mine Clearing Teams searching for mines in Dat Do

An account by Brian London of 5 RAR encountering anti-personnel mines and successful ambushing in a village known to be harbouring a number of VC. See


5 RAR Association – The Band of the 5th Battalion

5 RAR was the last battalion to take their band on active service. This story presents the important role the band played in the field. By LTCOL John Warr, CO. See


5 RAR Association – History of the 5th Battalion Colours

A short history of the battalion’s colours by Brian London OAM, DCM. See


5 RAR Association – Origin of 5th Battalion Colours

An explanation of the Colours and the history of 5 RAR’s Regimental Clours. By Brian London. See


5 RAR Association – The Day the Sun Went Out

The day 5 RAR members travelling in a US Transport Convoy hit a mine near Long Binh. By Bill Grassick 2IC A Coy 2nd Tour. See


5 RAR Association – Training in Australia

The Battle Efficiency Course, Jungle Training Centre, Canungra. By Roger Lambert, Platoon Commander 9 Pl C Coy. See


5 RAR Association – Forward Air Control (FAC) Mission

Roger Lambert of 5 RAR describes his impressions on ‘riding shotgun’ on a FAC spotting for an airstrike 1969. See


5 RAR Association – Magpie 31

Roger Lambert’s follow up to “Blondes, Bombs and Bunkers”. See


5 RAR Association – Magpie 31 Part Two

Roger Lambert’s follow up to “Blondes, Bombs and Bunkers” and “Magpie 31”. See


5 RAR Association – 5RAR Advance Party 2nd Tour

Roger Lambert’s memories of being part of the 5 RAR Advance Party to Vietnam in 1969. See


5 RAR Association – Blondes Bombs and Bunkers

Roger Lambert’s recollection of a 5 RAR patrol in 1969 that included experiences with ‘Blondes, Bombs and Bunkers’. See


5 RAR Association – A Vietnamese Christmas

Michael von Berg MC tells of Recce Platoon’s Christmas at Binh Ba village 1966. See


5 RAR Association – The VC in a Kilt

Not many people may know that the official records show that in 1969, C Company killed a Viet Cong wearing a kilt—That’s official! By Claude Ducker OC C Coy. See


5 RAR Association – Anatomy of a Bunker Contact

David Wilkins, 5 RAR’s Adjutant & OC C Company 2nd Tour. See


5 RAR Association –The Enemy and His Tactics

David Wilkins 5 RAR Adjutant & OC C Company 2nd Tour. See


5 RAR Association – Last Battle of 5 RAR

An account of the last battle of 5 RAR on the 1969-70 Tour. By David Wilkins. See


5 RAR Association – Final Days of the Second Tour

An account of the final days of 5 RAR’s 1969-70 Tour. By David Wilkins. See


5 RAR Association – Enemy Bunker Systems

An outline of the methods used by the VC and NVA in sighting their bunker systems. By David Wilkins. See


5 RAR Association – Closing The Mushroom Club

A story about The Duty Officer of Charlie Company 5 RAR during the Vietnam war attempting to close the company’s boozer. By Roger Lambert. See


5 RAR Association – Land Clearing Operations

5 RAR was involved with American Land Clearing Teams to deny the VC jungle cover. By Mike Battle. See


5 RAR Association – The Reflections of a Battalion Medical Officer

Hugh Roberton was the Battalion’s RMO for most of 5 RAR’s 2nd tour. He gives an overview of his role. See


BARRY, Richard ‘Dick’ – The 10th, Reflections of National Service and life in the Australian Army, 1967-69

Richard Barry (self published), 2011

ISBN: 978-0-646-5567 4-1

416 pages.

Contains many stories and memories of those National Servicemen of the 10th Intake, of their training in Australia and their war service in Vietnam.


BIGWOOD, Richard “Barney” and BIGWOOD, Andrew – We Were Reos, Australian Infantry Reinforcements in Vietnam

Richard & Andrew Bigwood (self published), 2011

ISBN: 978 1 4628 7664 8 HC

Bibliography, 227 pages.

Describes the life of a ‘reo’ as one even more transient than that of the average soldier. As a ‘reo’, or reinforcement soldier, he is sent from one Battalion to another depending on which platoon has seen its soldiers discharged, wounded or killed.


BROWN, Wayne ‘Sam’,   Medic: Memoirs of an Australian Infantry Medic in Viet Nam 1968-69

 Self-published, Palmwoods QLD, 2002

ISBN: 095819310X

Glossary; index; 326 pages.

The author served as a medic with 4 RAR/NZ on their first tour.


BUICK, Bob with McKAY, Gary – All Guts and No Glory: The Story of a Long Tan Warrior

Allen & Unwin Australia, 2000

ISBN: 1865082740

Index,bibliography; 272 pages.

A first hand account by Bob Buick, assisted by Gary McKay of the Battle of Long Tan. Appendices provide rolls, honours and awards.


BURKE, Di and SMALL, Mary – Seek, An illustrated and pictorial tribute to Australian Tracker Dogs in the Vietnam War

ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee Aspley Qld Inc, Brisbane, 2009

ISBN: 9780980448009

Photographs and illustrations, 48 pages.

A tribute and dedicated to the eleven faithful war dogs that served Australia as members of combat tracking teams during the Vietnam War. They did not return home, but are not forgotten.


BURSTALL, Terry – The Soldiers’ Story: The Battle at Xa Long Tan Vietnam, 18 August 1966

University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 1986

ISBN: 070223009X

Index; 188 pages.

A detailed account of this major battle, written by one of the participants. His story reconstructs the action using ex-secret documents as well as recollections of many of the other diggers.


BURSTALL, Terry – A Soldier Returns: A Long Tan veteran discovers the other side of Vietnam

University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 1990

ISBN: 0702222526

Index, bibliographic references; 215 pages.

The author compares official war records with first-hand accounts from retired Vietnamese officers, villagers and a former PW.


CAMERON, Martin – Australia’s Longest War

AC Tod Printing Pty Ltd, Melbourne,1987

ISBN: 073160962X

168 pages.

The author was a forward scout and section commander with 7 RAR on the Battalion’s second tour of duty in Vietnam.


CAULFIELD, Michael – The Vietnam Years: From the Jungle to the Australian Suburbs

Hachette Australia, Sydney, 2007

ISBN: 9780733624131

Index, bibliography; 503 pages.

The story of both sides of the war, from the vicious fighting of jungle patrols and the bravery shown by so many Australians at the famous Battle of Long Tan, to families back home, ripped apart by confusion and anger. It is also the story of the long hard road Australia took from innocence to bitterness and from despair to redemption, and how we have learned to accept that some wounds never heal. Well illustrated.


CAVANOUGH Ian – Fun, Fear, Frivolity: A Tale of the Vietnam War by an Aussie Grunt

Self-published, Yeppoon QLD, 2017


Multiple colour photographs, numerous individuals identified; 271 pages.

This is a 2 RAR veteran’s story for his time from enlistment through to the end of his tour of duty in Vietnam. Available in e-book format, or the most recent version in pdf direct from the author at  [email protected] . A donation is invited, without obligation, to assist with a veteran’s support entity.


CHAD, Garry – Kangaroo Creek: The Complete Story

Zeus Publications, Burleigh QLD, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-921919-59-6

ISBN: 9781921919633

Index; 213 pages.

Author served on three tours of duty in Vietnam – 1,6 and 4 RAR. He tells the story of these deployments and also that of Wang Chi Hoe, a soldier from the other side, weaving their stories of beginnings in rural environments up to their colliding as mutual enemies in South Vietnam. More than one edition.


COE, John J (Editor) – Desperate Praise: The Australians in Vietnam

Artlook Books, Perth WA, 1982

ISBN: 0864450222

137 Pages.

Personal observations written by the diggers who served there, and tell their story of what conditions were really like. Several of the stories are by RAR personnel.


COLEBATCH, Hal GP – Australia’s Secret War: How Unionists Sabotaged Our Troops in WW II

Quadrant Books, 2013


Index, 340 pages.

Tells the shocking, true, but until now largely suppressed and hidden story of the war waged from 1939 to 1945 by a number of key Australian trade unions against their own society and against the men and women of their own country’s fighting forces at the time of its gravest peril. Has disturbing parallels to union behaviour regarding mail and stevedoring during the Vietnam War, and which had adverse impacts upon morale among many RAR troops, among all others.


CROWLEY, Barrie – View from a Low Bough

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1997

ISBN: 1864483016

285 pages.

A story of poignancy, horror and devastatingly funny happenings

amongst a group of Australian infantry soldiers in Vietnam.


EASTERBY, Tony – Green Mules, Green Giants, Malaysia, Borneo, Vietnam

No publication details, 2002


Card cover, unpaginated, 1-2 cm thick, black and white photos, table of contents.

The author tells of his experiences, initially with 4RAR in Malaysia and Borneo and then with 4RAR in Vietnam during its first tour.


EDWARDS, Glen D – Vietnam the War Within

Glen D Edwards, Salisbury SA, 1992

ISBN: 0646105914

272 pages.

This book is a significant milestone in the understanding of the psychological effects of war experienced by the men and women who served in Vietnam. Twenty Vietnam veterans from Australia, America and New Zealand tell their stories with a frankness which some readers may find disturbing or hard to believe. The RAR is represented among them.


ELDER, Bruce – A Copper In Jungle Greens, Service with The NSW Police and The Australian Army

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2011

ISBN: 978 0 980777482

Index; 80 pages.

In 1966, Bruce Elder took temporary leave from his job as a police officer, to undertake his National Service in the Australian Army. The title of this book reveals the two sides of his life – the transition from one of the ‘boys in blue’; to being conscripted into the army with 5 RAR during the Vietnam war era and wearing ‘jungle greens’.


EVANS, Carla – Trauma Tears and Time

Carla Evans, Wangaratta, Vic 1993

ISBN: 0646134523

55 pages.

Contains short stories from several Vietnam veterans regarding their active service.


GIBLETT, Noel (compiler/editor) – (VVCS) Homecoming

Stories from Australian Vietnam veterans and their wives

Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, 1990

ISBN: 064410709X

73 pages.

Frank, personal accounts which reveal the humiliation, social rejection and personal stress of the time.


HALLIDAY, Claire – Unsung Heroes: The Stories of 20 Worthy Australians

Lothian Books, South Melbourne, 2002

ISBN: 0734404085

192 pages.

One of the 20 stories is about an RAR soldier who returns to the Task Force area after the war to help repair the war damage suffered by the local Vietnamese and by himself.


HARAN, Peter – Trackers: The Untold Story of the Australian Dogs of War.

New Holland Publishers, Sydney, 2000

ISBN: 1864366052

212 pages.

Provides a snapshot of how life was for the infantry soldier in the Vietnam War and also shows how the tracker dogs and tracking teams served in Vietnam with their specialist skills.


HARAN, Peter & KEARNEY, Robert – Crossfire: An Australian Reconnaissance Unit in Vietnam

New Holland Publishers (Australia), French’s Forest NSW, 2001

ISBN: 1864367210 (pbk)

237 pages.

Story of 5RAR’s Reconnaissance Platoon on operations in Vietnam 1966-67. Also covers some post-Vietnam memories and the aftermath effects on some of the individuals.


HARAN, Peter & KEARNEY, Robert – Flashback: Echoes from a Hard War

New Holland Publishers (Australia), French’s Forest NSW, 2003

ISBN: 1741100003

237 pages.

Collection of the reminiscences of seven Australian Infantry Vietnam veterans.


HAREN, Peter – Shockwave: an Australian combat helicopter crew in Vietnam

New Holland Publishers (Australia), French’s Forest NSW, 2004

ISBN: 1741100453

212 pages.

Helicopter gunship operation in support of ground troops, Vietnam period 1961-1975. References to RAR battalions.


HEARD, Barry – Well Done Those Men: Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran

Scribe Publications, 2005

ISBN: 9781921215360

303 pages.

The memoirs of a National Service infantryman who served in Vietnam with 7RAR 1967-68. Includes post-Vietnam service life including the aftermath of his tour of duty. Another edition published by Penguin Books.


HENNESSY, Brian – The Sharp End: The Trauma of a War in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Australia, 1997

ISBN: 186448506X

160 pages.

A soldier’s depiction of his Vietnam experience as a Regular Army infantryman in the RAR. It is a personal narrative without reference to the identification of his platoon, company and battalion.


JONES, John Geoffrey (Geoff) Major – An Experience of War

in Paulatim the RAAMC Head of Corps, Canberra, 2005

11 pages.

An illustrated article in the RAAMC Corps magazine. The experiences of a young medic attached to RAR Battalions during peace and the Vietnam War are related, highlighting many lessons for medics and Infantrymen alike.


KRASNOFF Stan – Where To For Valour: the Keith Payne Story

Shala Press, 1995

ISBN: 0646251023

242 pages,

The Keith Payne VC story is told, with occasional references to the RAR, including Payne’s service in the RAR and in the AATTV.


KRASNOFF, Stan – Krazy Hor

Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 2004

ISBN: 1741140064

216 pages.

Story of a soldier’s experiences culminating as Commanding Officer of 3RAR.


LAMENSDORF, Jean Debelle – Write Home for Me: A Red Cross Woman in Vietnam

Random House Australia, Milson’s Point NSW, 2006

ISBN: 9781740513937

302 pages.

The story of a Red Cross girl in Vietnam at the time of the Battle of Long Tan. She relates the contact she had with members of 6RAR, and D Coy in particular.


LEE, Sandra Finger – Vietnam on Canvas – Ken McFadyen: An Artist at War

Barrallier Books, Barrallier, VIC, 2013

ISBN 9780980663303(hbk)

Index, notes; 144 pages.

Ken McFadyen served with the Australian forces in Vietnam from July 1967 until May 1968, attached to 2RAR. Appendix lists the post-WWII artists.


LOCKHART, Greg – The Minefield: An Australian Tragedy in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2007

ISBN: 978 1741141061

Index, bibliography; 306 pages.

The author explains the origins and consequences of Brigadier Stuart Graham’s decision to lay an 11 kilometre-long minefield in Vietnam in 1967, a minefield that failed to achieve its intent as a barrier, and enabled the enemy to lift M16 anti-personnel mines that were then used against the Australians to deadly effect.


LUNN, Hugh – Vietnam: A Reporter’s War

University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, 1986

ISBN: 0702220183

Photos; 259 pages.

Arriving at the height of the war in 1967, the young Australian correspondent witnessed some of the most bloody and dramatic events culminating in the 1968 Tet offensive, when the Viet Cong invaded Saigon as part of a country-wide offensive. The author mentions the service and death of an RAR officer serving with AATTV at the time, and provides a visually revealing insight into the war fought by the RAR battalions and others..


MACKAY, Ian – Australians in Vietnam

Rigby, Adelaide, 1968

BIB ID: 1683595

ISBN – none

Maps on linings. Illustrated; 201 pages.

This story is of the early days of Australia’s commitment to South Vietnam, and covers aspects of AATTV operations as well as the first 1RAR and 5RAR tours of duty.


MACKAY, Ian – Phantoms of Bribie: The Jungles of Vietnam to Corporate Life and Everything in Between

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2017

ISBN-13: 9781925275575

Index, images; 32 pages

This is the author’s story of operational service in Vietnam. Mackay served with the SAS and in Malaya, experience serving him well later in Vietnam where he was Officer Commanding Bravo Company 6 RAR. During Operation Bribie he led his outnumbered company in a desperate bayonet charge, followed by close quarter fighting, against a well dug in and determined enemy. This action illustrated the courage, the battle discipline and spirit of the well trained Australian combat infantryman. The book also covers a wider part of the author’s life.


MADDOCK, Kenneth (Editor) – Memories of Vietnam

Random House Australia, Milson’s Point NSW, 1991

ISBN: 0091825911

Bibliography; 283 pages.

A series of short stories where some Australians who knew the war from close-up to close quarter contact look back over the years and recall their experiences in their own words. RAR members are among the contributors.


MADDOCK, Kenneth: WRIGHT, Barry (Editor) – War Australia & Vietnam

Harper & Row (Australasia), Melbourne, 1987

ISBN: 0 06 312099 2

Index; 314 pages.

Barry Wright, an anthropologist and Vietnam veteran, and Kenneth Maddock, an anthropologist, have brought together a remarkable record of human conflict which breaks new ground. The theme of the impact of a war has probably never before been tackled from such a diverse range of points of view and backgrounds.


McAULAY, Lex – The Battle of Long Tan

Century Hutchinson Australia, 1986

ISBN: 0099525305

Index, maps on linings,187 pages

This book tells the story of the Battle of Long Tan and the men who fought it.

A moving story of great courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Several editions including a 1987 paperback published by Arrow Books


McAULAY, Lex – Blue Lanyard, Red Banner

Banner Books, Maryborough QLD, 2005

ISBN: 1875593284

Index, bibliography; 245 pages.

The account of the capture of a Viet Cong Headquarters by 1st Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment during Operation Crimp, 8-14 January 1966.


 McKAY, Gary – Bullets, Beans & Bandages, Australians at War in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 1999

ISBN: 1 86508 074 8

Index, glossary; 300 pages.

Gary McKay conducted extensive interviews with over a hundred veterans and their families in order to build up a picture of their war.


McKAY, Gary – Delta Four: Australian Riflemen in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 1996

ISBN; 1864481668

Index; 313 pages.

Delta Four exposes the inner workings of a rifle company – how its soldiers trained for war, and how they operated and fought in the war zone. A revealing perspective of day to day operations at sub-unit level.


McKAY, Gary – Vietnam Fragments: An Oral History of Australians at War

Allen & Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 1992

ISBN: 1863732977

Index, bibliographical references; 307 pages.

A rare collection of impressions, reactions, feelings and fears of the typical front line soldier – the often spell-binding personal experiences of Australians on active service in Vietnam.


McKAY, Gary – In Good Company: One Man’s War in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, St Leonards NSW, 1987

ISBN: 0043550282

Index; 197 pages.

The autobiography of a national serviceman who was commissioned and led his platoon against the enemy including the NVA.


McKAY, Gary – Going Back: Australian Veterans Return to Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2007

ISBN 9781741146349

Index, bibliography; 222 pages.

The author returns to Vietnam with a group of other RAR and other veterans to record their reactions when confronted by the past and their former enemies.


MOREMAN, Dr John (Editor – Vietnam – Our War, Our Peace

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2006

ISBN: 1920720707

139 pages.

Selection of personal stories of 44 Vietnam veterans and their activities

in the community post Vietnam. 15 of the veterans were members of

the RAR.


MURPHY, Paul J – The Quiet Australians, Saint & Sinners, The effects of war and a life thereafter

Book Pal, Sunnybank Hills QLD, date TBA

ISBN: 9781742840857

Contents, 540 pages

This book is the autobiography of a young man who volunteered for National
Service and went to serve in Vietnam. Over the years and to the present day he has repeatedly returned to that country to live with and help those there disadvantaged by the war.


NEWMAN, Barry M (Editor) – Vietnam Remembered: Notes by South Australian CMF Observers

John Davis 4 Hour Printing Services, Norwood SA, 2001

ISBN: 0646415530

Index, 328 pages.

The accounts of the individual experiences of 59 CMF officers who visited the and observed the operations of Australians fighting the Vietnam War. Twenty were infantry officers attached to the RAR battalions in the period 1967 to 1971.


PARRY, Bill – Still Walking Through Life

Winston Oliver Parry, Mango Hill QLD, 2009

ISBN: 9780957951341 (pbk)

265 pages.

The author’s follow up edition to “Walking Through Life”, stories recounting the author’s war experience and after effects. Another valuable personal impression of the Vietnam War.


PARRY, Bill – Just a Nasho

W.O. Parry/Immaculate Heart Printhall Baguio City Philippines, 2003

ISBN: 0957951310

230 pages

“In Vietnam they all wore the green suit it did not matter whether they were regulars or nashos did not matter they were here to fight the enemy” sums up the theme for this book.


PEMBERTON, Gregory (Editor) – Vietnam Remembered

Weldon Publishing, Willoughby NSW, 1990 (1st Edition), reprint in 1991 

Lansdowne Publishing Pty Ltd, 1993 and 1996

New Holland Publishers, 2009 and 2017 (updated editions)

ISBN: 0863020721  (1990 and 1991)

ISBN: 9781742579450 (2017)

Index, bibliographical references; 292 pages (early editions).

A wide ranging view of the Vietnam War from an Australian perspective. Includes a Roll of Honour and Nominal Roll by units of all Australians who served in Vietnam. Two chapters on operations have direct relevance for the RAR. Later editions contain updated and expanded materials.


PETERSON, Barry with CRIBBIN, John – Tiger Men: An Australian Soldier’s Secret War in Vietnam

Macmillan, South Melbourne,1988

ISBN: 0333478193

Index; 245 pages.

Although most of the book describes the author’s time in the AATTV among the Rhade Montagnard of Vietnam, he completed a second tour of duty with 2RAR. At least two subsequent editions published from SE Asia and by others, some with slightly different names.


RAVENSCROFT Bruce – Contact-Wait Out: A Vietnam Diary

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 1997

ISBN: 0646315382

197 pages.

The daily diary of a soldier’s service in South Vietnam with 7RAR.


REES, Peter – The Boy from Boree Creek, the Tim Fischer Story

Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2001

ISBN: 1865085340

Index, bibliography; 354 pages.

This is the story of Tim Fisher’s life which includes his time as a National Serviceman and as a platoon commander with 1RAR in South Vietnam.


ROSE, Peter – Soldier’s Conscience: The Ethical Complexity of

Vietnam Service

Barton Books, Canberra, 2008. 

ISBN: 9780980490107 (pbk)

Index and maps; 115 pages.

Addresses the ethical issues faced by Australian soldiers in Vietnam resulting from the severe cultural dislocation of deployment into a war zone.


ROWE, Maree (Compiler) – Vietnam Veterans: Sons of the Hunter

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2002

ISBN: 1876439394

Index; 308 pages.

Personal stories of 104 Vietnam veterans, of which at least 43 were members of the RAR.


RINTOUL, Stuart – Ashes of Vietnam: Australian Voices

William Heinemann, Richmond VIC, 1987

ISBN: 085561059X

246 pages.

Australia’s forgotten soldiers tell their story. Over 100 revealing, sometimes horrifying interviews present this intensely moving testimony. Includes RAR contributors.


SCOTT, Col F. Peter DSO (Commanding Officer 3RAR 1969-1972)– Command in Vietnam: Reflections of a Commanding Officer

Slouch Hat Publications, McCrae VIC, 2007

ISBN: 9780975835333

Index, bibliography; 160 pages.

Mainly focuses on the issues and problems of commanding an Australian

Infantry Battalion (3RAR) during the war in South Vietnam in 1971. Nominal and Honour Rolls included.


SISSON, Colin P – Wounded Warriors, The true story of a soldier in the Vietnam War and the emotional wounds inflicted

Total Press Ltd, New Zealand, 1993

ISBN: 0473018071

Coloured pictures, index; 182 pages.

The author served with V Coy 2RAR (ANZAC) from late 67 to mid 68. It details his service in Vietnam and his subsequent PTSD healing process. V2 Company Nominal Roll included.


STONE, Gerald L – War without Honour

Jacaranda Press, 1966

BIB ID: 758981


Maps on linings; I54 pages.

A journalist’s perspective on the Vietnam War in 1965. Two chapters provide interesting perspectives about 1RAR at Bien Hoa.


STREVENS, Steve – The Jungle Dark

Pan McMacmillan Australia, Sydney, 2015


Index; 296 pages.

The true story of the characters and events surrounding the 6 RAR mine incident that gave rise to the famous song “I was only Nineteen” by John Schumann, a tune regarded by many as the epitome of the war for men on the ground in South Vietnam.


SUTHERLAND, Stan – In This Man’s Army: A Vietnam War Memoir

Stan Sutherland, Yackandandah VIC, 2007

ISBN: 9780646471815 (pbk)

356 pages.

This book gives an insight into the normal tasks and experiences of the Australian Infantry soldiers’ day-to-day life during an active tour of duty in

South Vietnam in the mid sixties through to the early 1970s in B Coy 3 RAR, B Coy 9 RAR and D & E Platoon, HQ Company 1 ATF.


TATE, Don – The War Within

Murdoch Books, Sydney, 2008

ISBN: 9781741962093

461 pages.

The author’s evocative and often confronting memoir about his journey from a young country boy to manhood, including his service experience in the Vietnam War with 4 RAR, 2nd D&E platoon, and 9 RAR with whom he served when WIA.


TATE, Donald – Anzacs Betrayed

Finite Publishing, Caloundra QLD; xxxx

ISBN: 978-0-9875860-0-1

307 pages.

A narrative dealing with the contentious matter of 40 members of the 4th Battalion (4 RAR) who were placed into an ad hoc D&E Platoon in May 1969 tasked with interdicting a very large enemy force in the Thua Tich region of Xuyen Moc Province, South Vietnam-  a platoon which was then deleted from all records of the Vietnam War until May 2008.


TATE, Donald – The Service History and other Contentions of Private Don Tate (Vietnam War- Army) 

Self published, xxxx, xxxx

ISBN: 978-0-9875860-3-2

411 pages.

The full service record of the author in the Vietnam War across three units, including all pertinent documents, first-hand accounts, media reports, photographs etc., as well as details of other contentions involving him.


TATE, Donald – ‘Contact Front’: Accounts of the Ambush of July 19 1969 involving 7 platoon C Company the 9th RAR

Self published; xxxx, xxxx

ISBN: 978-0-9875860-5-6

39 pages.

This is a record of an action that took place in Vietnam on July 19th 1969 involving C Company of the 9th Battalion (9 RAR). It includes documents, photographs, first-hand accounts, and media reports and corrects the record which was incorrectly recorded in a history of the 9th Battalion published in 1974.


TATE, Donald – The 2nd D&E Platoon in Vietnam: Anatomy of a Military Cover-up

Self-published; xxxx, xxxx

ISBN: 978-0-9875860-4-9

99 pages.

The 2nd D&E Platoon was made up of regular soldiers from the 4th Battalion (4 RAR) who formed the ‘2nd D&E Platoon’ in May 1969 when the battalion had returned to Australia. The platoon was involved in a number of actions against the Viet Cong- including the significant ambush at Thua Tich on May 29 1969. It was subsequently deleted from all records of the war until formally recognised by the federal government in May 2008.


TAYLOR, Adrian – From Nui Dat to Discharge: Honouring their Service: 4 Platoon B Company 7 RAR Vietnam 1970 -1971

Digital Print Australia, Adelaide, 2017

ISBN: 9780987511102

Profusely illustrated; 415 pages.

An extensively illustrated story of the platoon with biographies of all its soldiers. Contains much platoon level detail including contact reports, documents and many images of documents that the typical platoon soldier saw or dealt with during their tour of duty. Most RAR troops to serve in Vietnam, and elsewhere deployed. will relate well to this book.


TICHENER, Percy – Every man and his dog

Pakera Publishing, Melbourne, 2011

ISBN: 9780646534763

Soft cover, photographs; 244 pages.

Second edition. Author served with 6 RAR/NZ (NAZAC) as a tracker. Following evacuation through illness he returned to a rifle company, was seriously wounded and returned to Australia. Content includes dog and human tracking and platoon level operations, including the training of surrendered enemy. Based on fact, fictional names are used in this irreverent story. It is fiction based upon fact to protect the identity of individuals. A good irreverent yarn, devoid of political correctness.


TOWERS, Mike – A Jungle Circus: Memories of Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1999

ISBN: 1864489170

Bibliography; 234 pages.

A national serviceman’s story of his 24 months in the army including a tour of duty in the RAR in South Vietnam. A humorous and compassionate portrait.


WALKER, Frank – Ghost Platoon: 2nd D & E Platoon Vietnam 1969

Hachette Australia, 2011

ISBN 13: 9780733626432 ISBN 10: 0733626432 (1st Edition)

Map, Illustrations, Bibliography, Index, 338 pages.

A second D & E Platoon was formed and operated from April to June 1969. It was engaged in a major contact in the east of the Province and then disbanded. It took three decades and much angst to have the achievements of the platoon recognized and accepted. The story includes the aftermath and the impact on the men of the Ghost Platoon. Later editions published in 2013 and 2015.


WALTERS, Ian – Dasher Wheatley & Australia in Vietnam

NT University, Darwin, 1998

ISBN: 1876248106

Index, bibliographical references; 179 pages.

Statistical type reference on The Victoria Cross in the coverage. Many references to the Royal Australian Regiment.


WHITTAKER, Bob – Jellybeans in the Jungle

EIEIO, Toowoomba, 2011

ISBN: 0646559591, 9780646559599

165 pages.

Story of a National serviceman’s tour of duty following conscription, recruit and Corps training, originally from a position of sympathy for the anti-war movement at the time. Whittaker tells the story of his military service and the post-war return visits to Vietnam. The book is dedicated to his platoon commander in South Vietnam, Doug Gibbons (5 Pl, 7 RAR).


WILLIAMS, Jean R – Cry in the Wilderness: Guinea Pigs of Vietnam

Homecoming Publications Australia, 1995

ISBN: 0949525243

References; 294 pages.

Examines the after effects on returned soldiers from South Vietnam of the herbicide program.



WINTER, Peter – The Year I Said Goodbye

Wakefield Press, Kent Town SA, 2003

ISBN: 186254610X

269 pages.

Peter Winter was a well-trained and proud career soldier when he went to South Vietnam in 1970 as a platoon commander. Whether he was recording an exhausting day on operations or enquiring after family and friends, Peter Winter’s letters are redolent with an obvious love and care for those at home and the men in his charge. The experience of war resulted in anger, upheaval and a general feeling of isolation. This is a compilation of the letters he wrote home.



(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


BREEN, Bob – A Little Bit of Hope: Australian Force Somalia

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1998

ISBN: 186448702X

Index, bibliographical references; 499 pages.

Personal account of the experiences of the Australian men and women who served in Somalia January -May 1993. It also provides an analysis of Operation SOLACE: the decisions, factors and events that led to its success, and the frustrations and failures experienced. Also Includes Nominal Roll of the Australian Force.


 FARRELL, John Hunter – Peacemakers: INTERFET’s Liberation of East Timor

Fullbore Magazines Pty Ltd, Rocklea QLD, 2000

ISBN: 0 646 39424 X

Maps, Glossary, Multiple colour images, 96 pages.

A highly illustrated early publication of the operations in East Timor, covering the period stated in its third tier title: Day one in Dili to the border and the enclave. Several battalions mentioned, and many individuals identifiable.


FRY, Gavin – Rwanda, The Australian Contingent 1994-1995

National Capital Printing, Canberra, 1996

ISBN: 06/12234795

Index, 185 pages.

This pictorial history of Australia’s United Nations Contingent to Rwanda brings together the work of five photographers – David Lloyd, Angela Blakely, George Gittoes, Cpl Geoff Fox and Cpl Robyn White. Each had a different prospective and worked to an individual brief.


O’HALLORAN, Kevin – Pure Massacre: Aussie soldiers reflect on the Rwandan Genocide

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2010

ISBN: 9780980325188(pbk)

Index, bibliography; 293 pages.

A record of what happened during this peacekeeping mission by one who was there; gives a new and personal voice to the Kibeho Massacre. Nominal Roll; well illustrated.


 STONE, Gary – Duntroon to Dili: Mayhem and Miracles Traumatic Stress and Trust in God

Barrallier Books Pty Ltd, West Geelong VIC, 2014

ISBN: 9780992530129

Index, illustrations, 348 pages.

Stone’s operational experiences started with UN duties in the Iran-Iraq War as an RAR member where he saw, and describes, its effects on a scale rarely seen by other Australians. Following his ARA career, he trained as a Deacon in the Catholic church and then served in both the Army and Federal Police as a chaplain. In this second phase of his career, he saw service in Timor-Leste, The Solomon Islands, Bougainville and the 2004Asian Tsunami alongside RAR veterans. This book is the story of that career and addresses religious beliefs and PTSD and other Service-related issues.



IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


BOX, Dax – Carry Me Home: The Life and Death of Private Jake Kovco

Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2008

IBSN: 9781741752748

290 pages.

The inside story of the man and the RAR soldier including the two year investigation into his death while on active service in Iraq.


FIELDING, Marcus – Red Zone Baghdad: My War in Iraq

Big Sky Publishing, Newport NSW, 2011

ISBN: 978-1-921941-17-1

No index, Timeline Appendix; 246 pages.

Author’s experiences in Iraq, embedded in the Coalition Headquarters during 2008-9 as a senior staff officer.


MOLAN, Jim Maj-Gen – Running the War in Iraq

Harper Collins, 2008

ISBN: 9780732287818

ISBN 10: 0732287812

Index; 384 pages.

The author’s experience as Chief of Staff to the US Commander, General George Casey, of the Multi National Force in Iraq. An insightful record of the operations of the Coalition forces in Iraq, and the role played by an Australian General seconded to the US forces.


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


LEDGARD, Terry – Bad Medicine: A no-holds-barred account of life as an Australian SAS medic during the war in Afghanistan

Penguin Random House, Melbourne, 2016

ISBN: 9780143797272 (pbk)

Index; bibliographical references; 249 pages.

While concentrating on the SAS story, this book also refers to RAR units deployed at the same time. The story is the author’s, written after he left the ADF and the book points out that his views do not reflect those if Defence or government policy.


SMITH, Fred – The Dust of Uruzgan

Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2016

ISBN: 978 1 76029 221 8

No index or references, 416 pages.

An on-the-ground account of Australia’s involvement by an Australian diplomat/musician of the struggle in Uruzgan, Afghanistan. Part memoire, part history, part eyewitness account, it outlines what the Australian forces generally faced in the impoverished province. It refers to some of the RAR units and supporting forces, recounting the setbacks and successes of a contingent of Australian soldiers, diplomats and aid workers struggling to make a difference.


THOMPSON, Jimmy & MACGREGOR – Tunnel Rats Vs The Taliban: how the Aussie sappers in Aghanistan took on the Taliban

Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2016

ISBN: 9781760113544

Illustrations, maps, index; 269 pages.

This is the story of the sappers in Afghanistan whose raw courage and skills were inspired by the original Australian Tunnel Rats of the war in Vietnam. These Tunnel Rats of Afghanistan worked within the MTFs/MRTFs which were based on either Engineers or RAR-dominant units to help rooted out the enemy from their caves and mountain hideouts, defused thousands of improvised explosive, built bridges and schools to win a war of hearts and minds, and also fought side by side with special forces commandos and SAS troops. They, too, lost a disproportionate number of their comrades, many returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder.This is the powerful story of the sappers, the Army engineers in Afghanistan whose raw courage and skills were inspired by the original Australian Tunnel Rats of the war in Vietnam. These Tunnel Rats of Afghanistan have rooted out the enemy from deep inside their caves and mountain hideouts, have defused thousands of improvised explosive devices (the booby traps and landmines of this most recent of wars), built bridges and schools to win a war of hearts and minds, and fought side by side with special forces commandos and SAS troops. They, too, lost a disproportionate number of their comrades and many returned home with the devastating baggage of war, post-traumatic stress disorder.


THOMLINSON, Damien with COWLEY, Michael – Without Warning: A soldier’s extraordinary story

Harper Collins Publishers, Sydney, 2013

ISBN: 978 0 07322 9716 (pbk)

No index, photographs; 290 pp.

Experiences of a soldier who, after training with 4 RAR (Cdo)/2 Commando Regiment deployed to Afghanistan where he was severely wounded by an IED in 2009. Also available in e-book.


WARREN, Paul (with Jeff AFTER) – The Fighter

Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2015

ISBN: 9781743439920

304 pages.

The harrowing story the author’s – previously a martial arts expert – tour of duty with 1 RAR in Afghanistan and how he survived an IED blast that killed his friend (PTE Bernado), to go on and recover and now work with Mates4Mates to assist fellow wounded veterans. Gives a valuable insight into what every soldier on patrol faced, particularly the RAR members, during the war in Afghanistan.



(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)


DOUSSETT, Raymond A – Rotor in the Green – An Autobiography

Rotor in the Green, Townsville, 1996

ISBN: 0 646 26633 0

Bibliography, Appendixes; 341 pages.

Although an autobiography by an Army Aviator, the book covers a range of training and operational flying in both Australia and overseas including PNG, and covers humanitarian tasks. Several references are made to support flying in favour of several RAR battalions, and in so doing provides an “above the ground” perspective on some of the RAR’s training and DAAC tasks which benefit from Army Aviation support.



STRETTON, Alan – Soldier in a Storm

Collins, Sydney, 1978

ISBN: 0 00 216406 X

320 pages.

Alan Stretton’s autobiography includes details of his service as CO 2 RAR in Malaya 1961-1963. A personal account of the author’s experiences in leading the initial efforts to recover from the Cyclone Tracy disaster of 1974, the military response to which included 5/7 RAR and 6 RAR and other RAR individuals in many support and staff roles at the time.













This Part contains sources of reference to the RAR by other Australian Defence Force Services, non-Infantry Corps of the Australian Army, and non-military eg Police, Border Security and others. Foreign (non-Australian) sources are contained in Part 5.


ALLSOP, Nigel – Australian War Dogs: The Story of Four-legged Diggers

New Holland Publishers, Sydney, 2017

ISBN: 9781742579672

Index, 189 pages.

The authors colludes with other dog handlers from Army and Air Forces to present this history. Primarily written from the perspective of engineers using dogs as explosives locators, the book does refer to RAR battalions supported with such canine skills, as well as the RAR’s use of dogs as trackers from Malaya onwards. Includes a section on RAAF dog use.


AYLIFFE, Keith & POSNER, John – Tracks of the Dragon: A History of Australian Locating Artillery

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2004

ISBN: 1876439769

ISBN:   9781876439767

Index, bibliography; 340 pages.

A history of locating enemy artillery by the Australian armed forces, history of skills and equipment, locating units and locators since WW I. Sound-Ranging was then developed to detect enemy weapons and ‘target acquisition’ was born. No longer was there a reliance on the human eye to locate enemy guns and mortars. In an attempt to neutralise the enemy’s indirect-fire weapons, tactics and technology have changed dramatically since those early days. By the Vietnam War, radar was in use. Locating artillery had an important role in the battles fought by Australian RAR battalions that featured enemy indirect fire attack.


BURKE, Arthur – 105th Battery Royal Australian Regiment – a concise history

Arthur Burke, Brisbane, 2005

ISBN: 0-9750369-1-5

Abbreviations; 48 pages.

Author served with this unit including as its commander. The history primarily records the battery’s history and in so doing refers to the battalions of the RAR in which it fired in support in Malaya  and Vietnam, and back in Australia when not operationally deployed. Several major engagements are described.


COLLINS, Peter (Editor) – Strike Swiftly: The Australian Commando Story

The Watermark Press, Sydney, 2005

ISBN: 094928470X

Index, bibliography, 323 pages

The story of the development of Commando units in the Australian Army, covering from World War II to the present. Includes a chapter on the conversion of 4 RAR from a light infantry battalion to a commando regiment.


CUBIS, Richmond – A History of ‘A’ Battery: New South Wales Artillery (1871-1899) Royal Australian Artillery (1899-1971)

Elizabethan Press, Sydney, 1978

ISBN: 855510129

Index, bibliography; 335 pages.

A detailed history of the Battery with mentions of the RAR to whom they provided support in Korea and then the various SE Asian conflicts.


DOOLAN, Ken: HMAS Tobruk: Warship for Every Crisis

Grinkle Press, Queanbeyan, 2007

ISBN: 0980282101

Index, bibliography, b&w photos; 157pp.

Covers 25 years of HMAS Tobruk’s service in the Royal Australian Navy. Includes support to several deployments of RAR units and personnel including Operation Solace – Somalia 1993, Operation Bel Isi – Bougainville, Operations Warden and Stabilise – East Timor, Operations Plumbob and Trek – The Solomons, as well as other exercise and operational deployments in support of ADF-wide endeavours. Many RAR members will have memories of traveling on or being supported by this ship over the years.


DAVIES, Bruce & McKAY, Gary – The Men Who Perserved: AATTV

Allen & Unwin Australia, Sydney, 2005

ISBN: 1741148316

Index, bibliography, 418 pages.

Includes Nominal Roll and Foreign Awards to members of the AATTV 1962-72. The most highly decorated unit of the Vietnam War. Some references to the RAR battalions.


DUNN, J B ‘Lofty’ – Eagles Alighting

Impact Printing, Hawthorn VIC, 1999

ISBN: 0646373234

Index, bibliography; 320 pages.

A history of the 1st Australian Parachute Battalion also including an outline of the Parachute Training School and 3 RAR (Parachute).


EVANS, Air Marshal David – War: A matter of principles

Palgrave Macmillan, 1997

ISBN-10: 0333699165

ISBN-13: 978-0333699164

Index, bibliography; 183 pages.

Among a review of the principles of warfare in recent times, this book contains a brief account in Korea and Vietnam of the RAR’s activities relative to the use of surprise. One of several in the RUSI Defence Studies series.


GREVILLE, Brigadier P.J. CBE, BE – The Royal Australian Engineers 1945 to 1972 – Paving the Way: The 4th volume of the history of the Royal Australian Engineers

Publishing Services Loftus Australia, Canberra, 2002

ISBN 10: 0959687106

ISBN 13: 9780959687101

Index, 978 pages.

One of a four Volume set produced by the Corps Committee of the royal Australian engineers, it describes the events of the years 1945 to 1972, the end of the Corps’ involvement in the Vietnam War, and covers the various activities of the Corps throughout the period in some detail. All nine RAR Battalions of the time are mentioned throughout.


GREY, Jeffery – Up Top: The Royal Australian Navy and Southeast Asian Conflicts 1955-1972

Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial, Sydney, 1998

ISBN: 1864482907

Index, bibliography; 380 pages.

One of the Official History Series, the book includes information of RAN support to 1ATF and Battalions of the RAR in South Vietnam. Roll of Honour, Honours and awards to RAN personnel (all campaigns) are included.


HORNER, D. M. – The Gunners: A History of Australian Artillery

Allen & Unwin Australia, St Leonards NSW, 1995

ISBN: 1863739173

Index, bibliography; 564 pages.

All Battalions of the Regiment are mentioned in this classic coverage of the Australian Artillery over time up to the date of publication.


HORNER, D.M. – SAS: Phantoms of War

Allen & Unwin Australia, St Leonards NSW, 1989

ISBN: 0045200068

Index, bibliography; 527 pages.

All Battalions of the Regiment feature in this history of the SASR.


LAKIN, Shaune – Contact – Photographs from the Australian War Memorial Collection

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2006

ISBN: 0975190466

Index, bibliographical references; 283 pages.

The first authoritative survey of the Australian War Memorial’s photographic collection, and of the history of Australian war photography more broadly. These photographs are reproduced alongside a detailed discussion of the history of Australian war photography and the Memorial’s photographic collection. The RAR is represented.


LINDSAY, Neville – Equal to the Task: Volume 1 The Royal Australian Army Service Corps

Historia Productions Australia, Kenmore QLD, 1992

ISBN: 0646067079

Index, bibliography; 511 pages.

Some Battalions are briefly mentioned in relation to the support provided by them by the RAASC.


MACDOUGALL, Anthony Keith – Australians at War: A Pictorial History

Five Mile Press, Victoria, 2007

ISBN: 9781741789577

Index, bibliography; 368 pages.

Australians have fought in overseas wars for more than a century. This new edition brings their remarkable story up to date and includes an account of recent operations in East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq. Eleven editions were published between 2002 and 2007; expect more.


MALONE, M. J. – SAS Rendezvous

Imprimatur Books, xxxx, 2007

ISBN: 1 9210 3698 2

248 pages includes index.

Mentions the RAR Battalions. Jubilee Edition.


 MALONE, M. J. (Editor) – SAS Pictorial History of the Australian Special Air Service 1957-1997

Access Press, xxxx, 1997

ISBN: 0864451148

Index; 416 pages,

Includes pictures of RAR activities over several conflicts.


 McCARTHY, Dayton – The Once and Future Army: A History of the CMF, 1947-1974

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2003

ISBN: 0195515692  

Index, bibliography; 303 pages.

This post-WW II history addresses the Citizen Military Forces (CMF), the predecessor to today’s Army Reserve. Once numerically superior to the Australian Regular Army, it was the predominant component of the Army until the changing nature of warfare led to the dominant use of professional soldiers posted to fulltime units. This book illustrates its organization, role and social composition along with the rivalry with the Regular Army, and unfortunate development in an Army that is comprised of all natures of service to fulfil its role.


McCULLAGH, Catherine – Willingly into the Fray: One Hundred Years of Australian Army Nursing

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2010

ISBN: 9780980658262

Index, bibliography; 496 pages.

A journey through the lives of Army nurses from the early days of 1899 to modern times. Some more recent activities of the RAR are included in the later chapters which deal with deployments in which the RAR has served.


McPHEDRAN, Ian – The Amazing SAS: the inside story of Australia’s special forces (also titled Amazing Special Air Service)

Harper Collins, Sydney, 2007

ISBN 9780732279844 & 073227984

Index; 382 pages.

A coverage of the SASR, including references to RAR battalions and individuals.


NELSON Robert, MARGAN Frank, BREEN Peter, REID Stuart, EVANS David, – A Pictorial History of Australians at War

Paul Hamlyn Australia, Sydney, 1970

ISBN: 0600369560

Pictorial; 323 pages.

Provides an overview in commentary and pictures of all conflicts involving Australia up to Vietnam in 1970.


NELSON Robert, MARGAN Frank, BREEN Peter, REID Stuart, EVANS David, – A Pictorial History of Australians at War

Paul Hamlyn Australia, Sydney, 1980

ISBN: 072710439X

Pictorial; 323 pages.

An updated coverage of Australians at War from 1885 onward.


O’CONNOR, John – Australian Airborne: the history and insignia of Australian military parachuting

John O’Connor, Kingsgrove NSW, 2005

ISBN: 095742117

Maps, index, bibliography; 440 pages.

Includes coverage of Airborne Platoon RAR; 3RAR, 4RAR (Commando) and D Coy 6RAR.


ODGERS, George – Across the Parallel – Korean air War

William Heineman Ltd, Melbourne, 1952


Index, illustrated; 239 pages.

A RAAF account of Australia’s 77th Squadron’s role in the war. Refers to 3 RAR and the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade to whom they rendered close air support. Odgers later authored the RAAF Official History of the war against Japan.


ODGERS, George – Diggers: The Australian Army, Navy and Air Force in Eleven Wars from 1860 to 1994

Lansdowne, Sydney, 1994

ISBN: 1863023879 (vol 2)

Index, Roll of Honour for VC Winners; 543 pages

Covers all the post-WWII campaigns to the date of publication.


ODGERS, George- 100 Years of Australians At War

New Holland Publishers Australia, French’s Forest NSW, 2001

ISBN: 1864367636

Index; 400 pages.

Revised and updated version of “Diggers”. Covers the involvement of Australians in conflicts from the Boer War to the First Gulf War and also covers Australia’s continuing rise as a keeper of the peace under the auspices of the United Nations. Several editions, including 2003.


PALAZZO, Albert – Defenders of Australia: The Third Australian Division – Citizen Soldiers in the Service of Australia

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2002

ISBN: 1876439033

Index, bibliography, list of tables; 245 pages.

Detailed study which connects the CMF/ARES members of the 3rd Division (a prominently Reserve Division since WW II) to the Royal Australian Regiment when ex-citizen soldiers served in the RAR battalions, including overseas.


STEPHENS, Alan – The Royal Australian Air Force: The Australian Centenary History of Defence Volume II

Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2001

ISBN: 0 19 554115 4

Interviews, Select Bibliography, Chapter Notes, Index; 340 pages.

This volume in The Australian Centenary History of Defence series of seven volumes provides data on the RAAF. While it does not mention the RAR, it includes data on all of the RAAF assets that have supported or transported RAR members from the Occupation of Japan onwards. It includes a section on Air Base Butterworth which RAR battalions sometimes moved through and at which where RAAF units were based and protected non-stop by RAR and other rifle company groups from 1970 to 1989 during the Communist Insurgency. Useful background to RAR operations studies.


STEVENS, David – The Royal Australian Navy: The Australian Centenary History of Defence Volume III

Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2001

ISBN: 0 19 554116 2

Foldout ship’s diagrams, Notes, Appendices, Further reading, Index; 336 pages.

This volume in The Australian Centenary History of Defence series of seven volumes provides data on the RAN. While it does not mention the RAR, all members of the RAR who have been transported to, from or during exercises and deployments will find the fold out cutaway diagrams of those vessels a unique and interesting source of visual information. Sections on supply and naval support are also covered in a manner that Army publications do not. Useful background to RAR operations.


VADER, John – ANZAC: The Story of the Anzac Soldier

New English Library, London, 1970

ISBN: 0450006727

127 pages.

The Regiment appears in the latter pages of this book which is a useful overview of the Australian soldier, primarily Infantry, who created the legend of the ANZACs which is in part continued by members of the Royal Australian Regiment.




HURST, Doug – The Forgotten Few: 77 RAAF Squadron in Korea 1950-53

Allen & Unwin Australia, Crows Nest NSW, 2008

ISBN 9781741755008

Index, maps; 256 pages.

The story of the men of the RAAF’s No 77 fighter squadron, the only RAAF squadron to take part in the Korean War, initially with propeller-driven WW II vintage Mustangs which were replaced by Meteor jet fighters when the Chinese, with their MiG 15s, entered the war. Support to ground troops including the three RAR battalions in Korea is mentioned.


SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)


SMITH, Alan H – GUNNERS IN BORNEO – Artillery During Confrontation 1962-66

Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company, Manly NSW, 2008

ISBN: 9780980393309                                

Index, illustrations, maps; 184 pages.

Covers the onset of Indonesian confrontation with Malaysia in 1961 and the subsequent military reaction by the security forces (British Commonwealth) to stop that insurgency war spreading to Kalimantan, Sabah and Brunei in North Borneo, and Malaya/Singapore up to cessation of hostilities in 1966. The main theme covers the role of artillery (field and locating branches) in supporting RAR infantry patrols and guarding borders with Indonesia.


VIETNAM 1962-75


ANDERSON, Paul – When the Scorpion Stings: The History of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Vietnam, 1965 -1972

Allen & Unwin Australia, Crows Nest NSW, 2002

ISBN: 9781865087436

Index; 318 pages.

3 Cavalry Regiment was the first unit involved in the establishment of 1 ATF at Nui Dat and the last to leave. RAR Battalions are mentioned. Nominal Roll included for 3 Cav Regt troops.


AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL – Impressions Australians in Vietnam

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1997

ISBN: 0642280592

24 pages.

Educational notes for teachers and students on the Vietnam War. The RAR is



BATE, Ray – Military PoliceThe First in South Vietnam May 1965

Raymond Bate, Isle of Capri QLD, 2007

ISBN: 9780949749857

Maps, bibliography; 38 pages.

Covers the 1st Australian MP Section in South Vietnam from May 1965 to May 1966. Often regarded as “the other enemy” by the RAR, but in aside from disciplinary support tasks, their duties in protection support was vital.


BIEDERMANN, Narelle – Tears on My Pillow: Australian Nurses in Vietnam

Random House Australia, Sydney, 2004

ISBN: 1740511999

Index, 250 pages.

43 Australian Army nursing sisters served in South Vietnam between April 1967 and November 1971 for up to 12 months. The RAR is not directly mentioned however the great majority of casualties treated, and the reason why the nurses were deployed to South Vietnam was the RAR. The story provides a ‘behind the scenes’ aspect to the care of those who became casualties. RAR members married some of these nurses. Nominal Roll of nurses.


BRADFORD, David – The Gunner’s Doctor: Vietnam Letters

Random House Australia, North Sydney, 2007

ISBN: 978 1 74166 470 6

Glossary: 313 pages.

Author’s recounting of his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968-9 where he served as a doctor. Based on his letters home and kept by his mother, the author recounts multiple references to the RAR battalions which comprised the bulk of the combat troops deployed.


BRAYLEY, Annabelle – Our Vietnam Nurses

Penguin House, Australia, 2016

ISBN: 9780143797029

Maps, photographs, 320 pp.

A history which pays totally deserved tribute to the nurses of the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps who served in Vietnam tending the wounded and ill soldiers, primarily RAR members. RAR members feature in the book and are identifiable in several photographs. Most battalions also mentioned.


BROWN Malcolm, MacGLADRIE, Stuart & SUTTON, Candice – Your Leaving Tomorrow – Conscripts and Correspondents Caught up in the Vietnam War

Random House Australia, Sydney, 2007

ISBN: 9781741665819

Maps; 208 pages.

Anti-war story based on the experiences of conscripts and the media covering the war in South Vietnam. Some mention of 1 RAR and 5 RAR, with pictures of 1 RAR.


CAMERON, Bruce – Canister! On! Fire!

Big Sky Publishing, Newport NSW, 2012

ISBN 978192119411993 (hbk) Vol 1 & Vol 2

Vol 1 – Index, 541 pages

Vol 2 – Index, Nominal Roll, bibliography, 377 pages

Two volume book, featuring the liberal use of maps and photographs to help tell the story of Squadrons of the 1st Armoured Regiment fighting their own battle or in support of the RAR battalions they supported. An extensive and very detailed history with numerous individuals and units identified.


CAMERON, Martin – A Look at the Bright Side

Detail Printing, Richmond VIC, 1988

ISBN: 0731642376

100 pages.

Derisive humour based on flippant ridicule of the reasons for the war. There were two choices in Vietnam – laugh or cry. According to this book, the Aussie soldiers did both as they coped. The RAR is represented.


CAMPBELL, Colin –  More Bang for No Bucks – self-propelled artillery used by Australian cavalry in Vietnam 1967-68

Publisher TBA

ISBN:     978-0-9870720-0-9

Index, 24 pages of colour photographs; 116 pages.

This book describes the unique story of armoured, artillery and infantry soldiers drawn together in Vietnam in 1967-68 to form 6 Troop, A Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment. The Troop served in six M108 self-propelled howitzers, loaned at no cost from the US Army and primarily provided defensive fire support at Nui Dat.


CARROLL, JR – Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Royal Australian Navy in Vietnam 1965-1972

Rosenberg Publishing, Dural NSW, 2013

ISBN: 9781922013491

Bibliography, References, Index; 216 pages.

An RAN history of their war, with references to the RARs moved to and from Vietnam by Navy, especially HMAS Sydney and supported throughout by the rest of the fleet and its air arm.


COULTHARD-CLARK, Chris – The RAAF in Vietnam: Australia’s Air Involvement in the Vietnam War 1962-1975

Allen & Unwin in association with the Australian War Memorial, Crows Nest, 1995

ISBN: 1863733051

Index, bibliography; 412 pages.

This volume from the Official History series for this period covers the RAAF’s air operations in Vietnam and includes its support to the RAR. Awards and Decorations included.


GODFREY, John & Burrow, Bruce (Eds)- Gunners Vietnam 67-68

Peregrine Publishing, North Hobart, 2016

ISBN: 9780994639608

Index, over 150 maps and Illustrations, 100 pages.

106 Field Battery, 4th Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery operated from numerous Fire Support Bases throughout South Vietnam in 1967-68, as well as from Nui Dat. As primarily the direct support battery for 7 RAR its men and guns played a crucial part in the Battle of Suoi Chau Pha and the 68 Tet Offensive Battle of the Bunkers.


GOWER, Steve – Rounds Complete: An Artillery Observer in Vietnam

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2017

ISBN: 978192552053

Bibliography, Index; 224 pages.

The author served in the 101st Field Battery as a forward observer with the 5 and 6 RAR, tasked to provide ‘timely, accurate and effective fire support’ of the Australian artillery, providing deadly firepower to support the soldiers who battled both the jungle and its shadowy inhabitants. He describes living the life of an infantry soldier, tramping the ground and joining his infantry mates in a variety of operations including search and destroy, cordon and search, heliborne and road-protection operations and company patrols from forward operating bases.


GUEST, Robert – The Team In Pictures 1962-1972

Canberra Printing Services, Canberra, 1972

ISBN: 0646104446

Index; 184 pages.

AATTV pictorial record; contains many pictures of RAR personalities.


HOPKINS, R.N.L – Australian Armour: History of the RAAC 1927-1972

Australian War Memorial & Australian Government Printing Service, Canberra, 1978

ISBN: 0642994072 & 0642994145 (pbk)

Index, maps, bibliography; 371 pages.

Military operations in the Vietnam War, major history produced by a prominent Royal Australian Armoured Corps officer. Refers to RAR battalions with whom armour fought in support.


MANGOLD, Tom & PENYCATE, John – The Tunnels of Chu Chi

Pan Books, London, 1986

ISBN – none

Index; 287 pages.

The story of the secret tunnels in Vietnam, which became the battleground for an extraordinary war fought deep underground; includes the Royal Australian Regiment’s involvement.


McKAY, Gary & NICHOLAS, Graeme – Jungle Tracks: Australian Armour in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin Australia, Crows Nest NSW, 2001

ISBN: 1865084492

Index, bibliography; 325 pages.

Veterans of the Armoured Corps share their experiences of fighting in the jungles and paddi fields. RAR units and individuals are named in many joint actions. Particularly good examples are provided of infantry-tank co-operation, where the main battle tanks proved their worth in terrain considered very unsuited to tanks.


McNEILL, Ian – The Team: Australian Army Advisers in Vietnam 1962-1972

The Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1984

ISBN: 0642877025

Index, bibliography; 534 pages.

Some of the battalions are mentioned. Honour Roll, Nominal Roll, Awards


MODYSTACK, Neville J – The Pony Soldiers: The Australian Light Horse Vietnam 1965-1966

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2003

ISBN: 1876439572 & 9781876439576

Index, bibliography; 112 pages.

This unit worked primarily in support of 1RAR but 5RAR is also briefly mentioned.


MOORE, Peter & PLEACE, Trevor (Compilers) – Vietnam Lives: Works by Australian Vietnam Veterans from the sixties to the eighties

P Moore, Toukley NSW, 1986

BIB ID: 1545544

ISBN – Nil

76 pages.

A book of poems, sketches and photographs. Limited to 1,000 copies.


MORDIKE, John (Editor) –The RAAF in the War in Vietnam:

The Proceedings of the 1998 RAAF History Conference

RAAF Air Power Studies Centre, Canberra, 1999

ISBN: 0642265372

Bibliographical references; 108 pages.

Provides an interesting background to RAAF activities in Vietnam and operational support to 1ATF, of particular interest to the RAR are the presentations on the helicopter operations of 9 Squadron and Major General John Hartley’s – The Platoon Commander’s War, providing perspectives on his service with 5RAR during 1966-67 and the RAAF support as perceived at that level.


MOREMON, John assisted by PAGE-ALLEN, Courtney, – Vietnam: Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2002

ISBN: 1920720057

“Publication no: P714”; 71 pages.

Contains photographs and text of the Vietnam conflict and the National Memorial, recognising the service personnel, including the RAR, who served there.


NOLAN, Peter – Possums and Bird Dogs. Australian Army Aviation’s 161 Reconnaissance Flight in South Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2006

ISBN: 1741146356(pbk) & 1741750423(hbk)

Index, Bibliography; 240 pages.

History taken from Flight records supplemented by oral histories. All nine RAR battalions are mentioned.


NOTT, Rodney & PAYNE, Noel – ‘The Vung Tau Ferry’ (HMAS SYDNEY)

And Escort Ships (Vietnam 1965-1972)

Rosenberg Publishing, Dural NSW, 2008 (4th ed)

ISBN: 9781877058721(pbk)

Bibliography, maps; 253 pages.

Although there is no specific reference to the RAR in this publication the ‘ferry’ transported most of the RAR to and from South Vietnam.


ODGERS, George – Mission Vietnam – RAAF Operations 1964 -1972

Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra, 1974

ISBN: 0642002355

Index, maps, more than 300 photos; 186 pages.

Provides a coverage of aerial operations across all dimensions including close air support and helicopter lift operations of intimate importance to RAR units.


PELVIN, Richard – Vietnam: Australia’s Ten Year War 1962-72

Hardie Grant Books, Prahran VIC, 2006

ISBN: 1740663896

Catalogue of photographs in the AWM; 220 pages.

Over 300 rarely seen photographs, pamphlets, letters, newspaper excerpts and diary entries bring to life Australia’s key operations in the Vietnam War, including the famous Battle of Long Tan, and create an intimate portrayal of the very human side of battle experienced by the RAR and others.


PENNINGTON, Vic – The Team in Vietnam: The Lighter Side

Wakefield Press, Wakefield SA, 1992

ISBN: 1862542880

140 pages.

Records some of the lighter moments of the AATTV in South Vietnam including some from its RAR members.


PICKEN, Bruce- Fire Support Bases Vietnam: Australian and Allied Fire Support Base Locations and Main Support Units

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2012

ISBN: 9781921941542

Bibliography, References, Index; 500 pages.

The book is a detailed account of every Australian fire support base by date, location and role. It provides an outline of the operations in which they participated, which includes every RAR battalion, all of which feature in the story.


SMITH, Derek, V. – A Twist in the Pogo’s Tale: An Army Clerk’s Passage from Childhood to War in Vietnam

Self-published, Townsville QLD, 2016

ISBN: 9780994559104

Maps, appendices;132 pages.

Author completed two tours of duty, one with RAE. An intriguing story of life in a support role to the RAR some of whose battalions are mentioned several times.


THURGAR, Jack & CROTHERS, Richard (compiled by) – Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial

R.W. Crothers & Associates, 1992

ISBN: 0646124420

Index, Awards, Roll of Honour; 160 pages.

A photographic record of the Dedication Weekend in Canberra of the Vietnam Forces National Memorial. One of the few occasions when all the colours of the Regiment have been paraded together.


THURGAR, Jack & WRIGHT, Charles (compilers) – Welcome Home

CPP Communications Limited, Canberra, 1988

ISBN: 0731639464

160 pages.

A pictorial record of the most historic march of the 80s, being the 1987 Welcome Home Parade for Vietnam veterans. Lists of Honours and awards and a Roll of Honour are included.




(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


BRYANT, James – A More Lasting Peace: Reflections on Interagency Operations in the Solomons and Iraq

Land Warfare Studies Centre Australian Army, Canberra, 2007


Bibliography, Index, maps; 168 pp.


RESTRICTED. A controlled examination of interagency operations in Operation Helpem Fren (ADF component was known as Operation Anode (RAMSI – Solomons) and then Iraq featuring relationships between Army and other agencies including multi-national entities. Mentions sub-units of RAR battalions and individuals who played roles in both deployments. Author served with the RAR.


SMITH, Hugh (editor) – Peacekeeping: Challenges for the Future

Australian Defence Studies Centre ADFA, Canberra, 1993

ISBN: 0731702743  

Index, bibliography; 229 pages.

There are eight presentations recorded in this publication of which the Australian experience in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia is most pertinent to the RAR given an entire battalion (1 RAR) supplemented by 2/4 RAR troops deployed. Most other deployments covered included some RAR troops.


 VANN, Kevin J. OAM – Bridging the Gap: The 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment in Timor 1999-2000

Australian Military History Publications, Loftus NSW, 2001

ISBN: 1876439556 & 9781876439552

Index, maps; 218 pages.

This is the history of 3 CER in East Timor. Several of the RAR battalions are also mentioned.


                                                                                                                                      IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


BRYANT, James – A More Lasting Peace: Reflections on Interagency Operations in the Solomons and Iraq

Land Warfare Studies Centre Australian Army, Canberra, 2007


Bibliography, Index, maps; 168 pp.


RESTRICTED. A controlled examination of interagency operations in Operation Helpem Fren (ADF component was known as Operation Anode (RAMSI – Solomons) and then Iraq featuring relationships between Army and other agencies including multi-national entities. Mentions sub-units of RAR battalions and individuals who played roles in both deployments. Author served with the RAR.


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


YEAMAN, Stuart – Afghan Sun: Defence, Diplomacy, Development and the Taliban

Boolarong Press, Salisbury QLD, 2013

ISBN: 9781922109910 (pbk)

Index, Appendices on Honours and Awards, Nominal roll; 360 pages.

Author was Commanding Officer of 6th Engineer Support Regiment that included a company of 3 RAR. Also known as Reconstruction Task Force (RTF 4), this organisation was the last of four engineer-heavy battle groups to serve in Afghanistan, followed in late 2008 by Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Forces (MRTF) and then the Mentoring Task Forces (MTF) whose role changed as their title indicates. All were part of the ADF’s Task Force 633. This is the story of what and how RTF 4 constructed its many achievements and how the RAR company helped provide the force protection necessary for the main body to achieve its intent.




(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)



Nil entry




This Part contains sources generated by other than Australian authors. Includes authors/agencies that might have been enemies at the time of the applicable conflict.





ENGLISH John A & GUDMUNDSSON Bruce I – A Perspective on Infantry

Praeger Publishers, Westport CT USA, 1994

ISBN: 0030596998

Index, bibliography; 201 pages.

A brief mention of the US Army’s reliance on 1RAR to help train them in Vietnam.


GUGELER Russell A – Combat Actions in Korea (1st Edition)

Office of the Chief of Military History US Army, Washington, 1970

Library of Congress No 70-603408

Index; 252 pages. Paperback version published in 2013 by BiblioGov : ISBN-10: 1288574347 and ISBN-13: 978-1288574346

American Official History Series – Army volume; refers to 3 RAR and 27th British Commonwealth Brigade in joint operations with the US forces.


SHEFFIELD, G.D. (Editor) – Leadership & Command: The Anglo-

American Experience Since 1861

Brassey’s (UK) Ltd, London, 1997

ISBN ISBN-10: 1402060742

ISBN-13: 978-1857531176

242 pages.

Contains a chapter on US and Allied Leadership and Command in the Korean and Vietnam Wars by Robert O’Neill which has very interesting observations about Australian Army leadership, command and operational philosophy.


JAPAN & KOREA 1946-53


ALEXANDER, B. – Korea – The Lost War

Arrow Books, 1989

ISBN: 0-09-95652-X

Index; 558 pages.

An American-centric history of the war with references to 27 British Commonwealth Brigade, including reference to the RAR battalions.


BATES, P. – Japan and the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces 1946-52

Brasseys, London, 1993

ISBN: 1-85753-000-4

Index; 270 pages.

British-oriented coverage of BCOF and deployments to Korea. Contains multiple references to the RAR battalions.


CAREW, Tim – Korea – The Commonwealth at War: The story of the Fighting Commonwealth Regiments 1950-1953

Cassell & Co, London, 1967

Bib ID 964047

Reprinted as The Korean War

Pan Books, London, 1970

ISBN: 0330024744

Index, bibliography; 319 pages.

The three battalions of the Regiment at the time (1, 2 & 3 RAR) are individually mentioned along with other units of the Commonwealth in this British history of the Korean War. Honours and Awards data included.


CLARK, Mark – From the Danube to the Yalu

George G Harrap & Coy Ltd, London, 1954


Index; 356 pages.

An American focus on the war, providing an international perspective of the Korean War. Refers to Australian battalions in the British Division which in turn is remarked upon as a fine formation, albeit a small contribution to the total UN effort.


DAVIES, George – The Occupation of Japan: The rhetoric and the reality of Anglo-Australasian relations 1939-1952

University of Queensland, St Lucia, 2001

ISBN: 0-7-22-3209-2

Index, bibliography; 391 pages.

NZ author provides a well-documented account of the social engineering that BCOF took part in during its occupation of Japan shortly ofer the surrender. The Australian forces, including the three battalions destined to become 1,2 and 3 RAR, are appropriately positioned in this coverage of the BCOF–based support to the war in Korea.


HASTINGS, Max – The Korean War

Michael Joseph Ltd, London, 1987

ISBN: 0-7181-2068-X

Index; 476 pages.

American-centric history of the Korean War with references to the RAR; good supporting data including a chronology, and list of national participants and their major formations.


HOYT, Edwin – On to the Yalu

Stein and Day, New York, 1984


Index; 303 pages.

An American history of the Korean War with references to 27 British Commonwealth brigade and the RARs. Good big picture coverage that places RAR’s roel into perspective.


JOHNSTON, William – A War of Patrols: Canadian Army Operations in Korea

UBC Press, Vancouver, 2003

ISBN: 0774841060 & 9780774841061

Official Canadian military history series. 448 pages.

Provides Canadian perspectives on the operations of the RAR’s battalions in Korea 1950-53.


McGIBBON, Ian – New Zealand and the Korean War: Volume I – Politics and Diplomacy

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1992

ISBN: 0 19 558253 5

Index, bibliography; 468 pages.

New Zealand was involved militarily in Korea from 1950 to 1957, first as part of the United Nations ‘police action’ to repel North Korea’s invasion of its southern neighbour, and then in a garrison role after the armistice in July 1953. McGibbon’s first volume on the Korean War, published in 1992, sets out the reasons why New Zealand became involved in the fighting in the Korean peninsula.   The RAR is mentioned in outline.


McGIBBON, Ian – New Zealand and the Korean War: Volume II – Combat Operations

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1996 (with corrections)

ISBN: 0 19 558343

Index, bibliography; 508 pages.

Volume two tells the story of New Zealand’s military and naval operations and describes how a force of civilian volunteers became one of the best artillery regiments in the United Nations forces in Korea. The RAR is mentioned in more detail. Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards included.


POULTON, Wilfred – K Force in Korea: A soldier’s Life in the 16th New Zealand Field Regiment

Wilfred Poulton, 2004

ISBN: 0-476-00029-7

Illustrated, 152 pages.

Refers to the RAR battalions to who the gunners provided fire support. One of the many relationships which maintain the ANZAC tradition.


THOMPSON, Reginald – Cry Korea

MaDonald and Co, London, 1951


303 pages.

British officer’s memoirs of the first year of the Korena War, referring to the “Australian battalion” (3 RAR) in sufficient detail to place its role in the British divisional structure fighting there at the time.


WILLIAMS Jeffery – Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry at Kapyong Korea 1950

Leo Cooper, London, 1972

ISBN: 085052119X

110 pages.

Awarded the United States Presidential Unit Citation in the same action as 3 RAR.



SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)


CHIN Kim Wah – The Defence of Malaysia and Singapore: The transformation of a security system 1957-71

Oxford Press, London, XXX


Index, Reference Notes: x pages.

An examination of the strategic issues and treaties involving toehr countries including Australia. Refers to the Commonwealth forces including RARs to serve in Malaysia, Borneo and Singapore.


DICKENS, Peter – SAS The Jungle Frontier: 22 Special Air Service Regiment in the Borneo Campaign, 1963-1966

Arms & Armour Press, London, 1983

ISBN: 0458970905 (Canada) 0853685975

Index, bibliography; 248 pages.

The RAR is mentioned briefly in this campaign where SASR operations were primarily in support of 4 RAR. Most members of the SASR come from, and many return to, the RAR.


PUGSLEY, Christopher – From Emergency to Confrontation: The New Zealand Armed Forces in Malaya and Borneo 1949-66

Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2003

ISBN: 0195584538

Index, Bibliography; 528 pages.

This is the story of two near-forgotten wars that New Zealand fought in South-East Asia between 1949 and 1966. New Zealand’s soldiers, sailors and airmen made a significant contribution to the Commonwealth effort to defeat the communist insurgency in Malaya during the Malayan Emergency between 1949 and 1960. Brief mention of the Regiment is made. Roll of Honour, Honours and Awards included.


PENG, Chin – My Side of History

(As told to Ian Ward and Norma Miraflor)

Media Masters Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2003

ISBN: 9810486936

Includes index, bibliographical references, 527 pages.

Chin Peng, the leader of the ongoing communist insurgency in Malaya/Malaysia that started officially in 1948 and only ended in Dec 1989 with the signing of a peace accord, provides his version of the conflict with British Commonwealth and then Malaysian authorities. Provides a very brief mention of 1 RAR’s success against the communist terrorists and may be described as ‘the one that got away’. Chin Peng was later a guest in Australia at a conference.


WELLER, Jac – Fire and Movement: Bargain Basement Warfare in the Far East

Thomas Y Crowell Coy, New York, 1967

Bid ID: 538702

ISBN: nil

Maps, bibliography; 268 pages.

Contains a chapter on the Australian and New Zealand armies with observations on their organisation, equipments, training and tactical philosophies for operations in South East Asia where the RAR battalions operated. There is also a chapter on the British Army in Malaya and Malaysia.



VIETNAM 1962-75


BOWMAN, John S (General Editor) – The World Almanac of the Vietnam War

Ballintine Books, New York, 1986

ISBN: 0345337263 (Ballantine : pbk.)

ISBN:0886872723 (Pharos Books : pbk.)

Index, bibliography, 512 pages.

A comprehensive daily chronology, presenting the sequence of events with thoughtful commentary and puts Australian (including RAR) involvement within that chronology.


CHANNON, James B. & RUSSILL, George A. (Complier/Editor) 173rd Airborne Brigade (USA) The First Three Years: A Pictorial History of the 173rd Airborne Brigade

Brigade Information Office, Saigon, 1968


110 pages.

Contains of pictures including Australian soldiers. It was presented to each member of 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment at Xmas 1965. This knowledge from veterans indicates that a later official edition was printed in 1968, funded by the 9th chapter of the 173rd Airborne BDE Association.


HALL, Claire – No Front Line: Inside Stories of New Zealand’s Vietnam War

Penguin NZ, 2014

ISBN: 9780143571889

Illustrated; 304 pages.

A series of stories of New Zealand veterans of the Vietnam War, many of whom served with RAR battalions, or in operational support of their ANZAC colleagues. RAR units mentioned.


SOUTER, G & J – The Vietnam War Experience

Carlton Books, USA, 2008

ISBN-10: 1844420574

ISBN-13: 978-1844420575

Index, audio CD; 64 pages.

This US book brings to life the experiences of ordinary soldiers on both sides of the Vietnam conflict in which the RAR participated, at the same time putting their stories into a global and political context. Contains rare facsimiles of actual documents.


STANTON, Shelby L – Vietnam Order of Battle

Galahad Books, New York, 1986

ISBN: 0891937005

Index, bibliography; 396 pages.

Contains a chapter on Australian and NZ Orders of Battle in the campaign. This is the complete illustrated reference to the US Army and Allied ground forces in Vietnam. A data source that is encyclopedic in scope and astonishing detail.


WIEST, Andrew (Editor) – Rolling Thunder in a Gentle Land: The Vietnam War

Osprey Publishing Ltd UK, 2006

ISBN 9781846930206 184603020X (hbk)

336 pages, index, bibliography

A wide-ranging perspective on the Vietnam War with one chapter providing the Australian and New Zealand experience. Later 316 page edition in 2013 (ISBN-10: 1782001875; ISBN-13: 978-1782001874).


WOODRUFF, Mark W. – Unheralded Victory: Who Won the Vietnam War?

Harper Collins Publishers, 2000

ISBN-10: 0004725190

ISBN-13: 978-0004725192

Index, bibliographical references; 360 pages.

Although primarily an American analysis of why the war was lost it is also applicable to research on Australia’s role and on its perspective as to whether the war was “lost” while Australian forces were so deployed. The RAR operations are mentioned throughout.





(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodea 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bouganville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


Nil entry


IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


Nil entry


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


McNAB, Chris – The Barrett Rifle: Sniping and anti-materiel rifles in the War on Terror

Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 2016

ISBN: 978 1 4728 1101 1

Index, bibliography; 80 pages.

Includes 2 Commando Regiment’s longest sniping hit in history (p 53). See also Wahlert and Linwood (One Shot Kills) in Part 1. Soldiers and their commanding officer interviewed by the Registrar were/had been RAR members, and worked with RAR counterparts in Afghanistan.



(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)



Nil entry




This Part covers the very large field of smaller articles and other data which appear in both Infantry and other publications on the RAR. Major series are described below, with specific articles then listed under the applicable war/deployment using the  acronym of the parent journal/periodical. Where known, e-links are provided to the increasing number of such sources now becoming available on-line.

Major sources are summarised below. Others will be added as identified. Note: Some of these journals are now digitised. Ongoing research will result in non-digitised articles bring added progressively to this Part. Less well-known articles are provided in each sub-Part.



Army Journal (AJ). The AJ has been published by the Australian Army in Volumes for many years, frequency varying. Each is numbered and contains articles, letters to the editor to encourage professional dialogue, and book reviews. There are two series: the first started shortly after WW II comprising almost 400 monthly copies. The second series that followed comprises a larger format, thicker in size and published less frequently. Current research will result in the listing of all  articles relevant to the RAR.


Australian Defence Force Journal (ADFJ). The ADFJ is an Australian Defence Force publication aimed primarily at officers and SNCOs, primarily to encourage professional development through knowledge and debate. Over time, more junior ranks have availed themselves of it with increased encouragement to do so. The first paper journal – Issue 1 – appeared in Nov/Dec 1976, the last paper edition – Issue 192 – in 2013. From that time on, all issues, including retrospective paper-based issues, became available at

This site may be searched for topics/keywords/authors etc. The Journal added the word “Australian” to its title with Issue 86 in Jan/Feb 1991.


Australian Infantry Magazine (AIM). The AIM is the voice of the Australian Soldier and is still going strong. In order to provide and generate free flow of information, 15,000 copies are distributed internally to Army personnel free. Every issue runs stories topical not only to our Infantry members but to all Defence Force members and military enthusiasts in general. Features include updates on current operations, the latest training, tactics, combat capabilities, personnel matters, Corps news, reviews, special features and a forum allowing readers to express their views. Produced bi-annually in Apr and Oct and published by the School of Infantry, Singleton NSW. RAR contributors and topics prominent. ISSN: 1447-5545. Another publication titled Infantry Magazine, covering the period January 1969 to April 20o3, was a predecessor to AIM. See IM entry below.


Bulletin of The Royal Australian Regiment Foundation (BRARF). This Bulletin is a publication of the RAR Foundation, headed by the Chair of the day. It addresses annually, the general business of the Foundation including stipends made, Foundation awards, and an annual update of each RAR battalion’s doings for the year of publication. Issue 34 (2016) is ABN: 31 055 902 433. Also accessible at



CONTACT Air Land & Sea (CALS). A high-quality military magazine focused mainly on the day-to-day work, lives and professionalism of current-day Australian Defence Force members, including Infantry, from a boots-on-the-ground perspective and as far as possible in soldiers’ own words. CONTACT has been published four times per year since March 2004 – issues 1 to 40 in print and electronic only since March 2013. The publisher also produced an Infantry-only special issue in 2008, to coincided with and celebrate the RA Inf 60th anniversary. It, and many other issues, feature the RAR. CONTACT Air Land and Sea is available by free subscription via


COMBAT Camera (CC). A high-quality military magazine where the photos tell the thousand/million words of the contemporary Australian Defence Force stories including RAR subjects. COMBAT Camera, from the same publisher as CONTACT Air Land & Sea, was initially published four times per year (issue 1 to 14) but is now a ‘special events’ magazine, published when justified (e.g. ANZAC Day 2016 and Avalon Airshow 2017). COMBAT Camera is available via the same free subscription –


Combat Arms (CA). A commercial publication, it frequently contains articles on RAR matters.


Command – Observations and Issues from Army Operations

Centre for Army Lessons, Land Warfare Centre, Puckapunyal VIC, 2006


A series written for commanders. Also has a website

This edition refers to AUSBATTs (Timor) and SECDETS (Iraq), both of which represent most RAR battalions.


Command – Insights from Army Operations and Selected Articles

Centre for Army Lessons, Land Warfare Centre, Puckapunyal VIC, 2008


A series written for commanders. Also has a website

This edition refers to Infantry operations in Somalia, Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Solomons. which involved most RAR battalions.


Duty First (DF). DF is an RAR publication aimed at all ranks of the regiment. Produced by the NSW branch of the RAR Association on behalf of the RAR Corporation and all state branches. Most articles within it address current or recent deployments, training and news of interest.


First (F). An annual 1 RAR unit production; know issues include 1980-81.


Helping All That Served (HATS).

Privately managed and published

ISBN: Nil 

HATS is both the name and motto of the Integrated Servicepeople’s Association of Australia, an ex-service organisation dedicated to assisting the veteran community and also current serving members of the ADF. Services include assistance with preparation of claims for service, disability and war widows/ers claims, welfare assistance and gaining many other entitlements from the Department of Veterans Affairs. HATS  is published three times a year; March, July, November. Some editions (over 40 to date) feature the RAR. These are both printed, and accessible through


Infantry Information Letters (IIL). Generated by the Directorate of Infantry for many years, this now-defunct source of valuable information enabled the rapid dissemination of information of Infantry information at a time when the publication of pamphlets took substantially longer. Most articles affected the RAR.


Infantry Magazine (IM). This magazine was published by the Head of Corps RAInf from January 1969 to April 2003 and was replaced by the Australian Infantry Magazine (see above).


Kapyong Kronicle (KK). An annual 3 RAR unit publication.


Sabretache (ST)

Military Historical Society of Australia, Canberra

MHSA often has articles that include the RAR. Identified articles include those such as CHAMBERLAIN below.


CHAMBERLAIN, Max – The Digger in Asia in

Sabretache Vol XXXIII Oct-Dec 1992 Number 4

Military History Society of Australia, Canberra, 1992


 Bibliography, no index; 51 pages.

A date by date chronological list of events post-world war to 25 Apr 91, frequently listing RAR units. Previously published as Asian Battle Diary in 1968, 1969 and 1974.


Smart Soldier (SS)

Centre for Army Lessons (CAL), Army Knowledge Group, Puckapunyal VIC


45 editions as at May 16.

Each edition has a range of articles, almost all of which apply to RAR, some mention units/sub-units. One of an increasing number of in-service products that encourage interactivity with serving soldiers.


Tiger Tales (TT). A regular 5 RAR Association publication. See


Wartime (W). 

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, ongoing


This periodical often contains articles relevant to the RAR. Current research will result in the listing of all  articles relevant to the RAR.


HASSETT, General Sir Francis – The Field Marshal Blamey Memorial Oration in United Service, Vol 47, No 1, (Winter 1993).

Published by RUSI (NSW), this article addresses Hassett’s time as CO 3 RAR in Korea and then with 28th Commonwealth Brigade in Malaya.






Korean Operations: 3 RAR Raid on Hill 227 – 25 January 1952 in ADFJ, No 157 (Nov/Dec 02) pp 37-45.


The Battle of Kapyong, in AJ, No 263 (Apr 71) pp 3-24.



SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)


Nil entry



VIETNAM 1962-75



Nil entry





(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


AUSTRALIAN BATTALION VI (AUSBAT VI) – Operation Tangier/Citadel 2002

3 RAR Kapyong Khronicle, Sydney, 2002


3 RAR battalion group tour of duty in East Timor full colour pictorial, full nominal roll.



IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


Nil entry


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


Nil entry




(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)


Nil entry






This Part lists audio-visual sources that require a VHS, ¾” Umatic or Beta tape player to review. Audio–only may be recorded on audiocassette or even reel to reel. Some of these products may also be digitised (playable on any DVD player/computer), as such products are increasingly being converted due to the obsolescence of the machines needed to play the source material.




Nil entry




Anonymous (RMC team) – The Battle of Kapyong: Korea 23-24 April 1951

Royal Military College, Canberra, 1991


48 minute VHS audi-cassette

Local production which features the retelling fo the battle by the men who were there; interviews interspersed with maps and actual footage of the major battle which featured 3 RAR.



SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)



Australian War Memorial – Colonel OM Carroll, Retired, as a Platoon Commander 3 RAR Malaya 1957-59, interviewed by Colonel David Chinn, MBE, Retired.

AWM, Canberra, year unknown


2 hr 12 minute audio-interview, AWM SO2867

Covers the experiences of an RAR platoon commander including serving with 3 RAR during the Malayan Emergency.


VIETNAM 1962-75


Nil entry



(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


Nil entry


IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


Nil entry


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


Nil entry




(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)


Nil entry




This Part includes celluloid 8mm, 16mm, 35 mm and (more recently) digital recordings that result in a “film” which can be viewed when projected onto a screen, or subsequently converted to digital format and able to be accessed via TV or computer-supported device. Some will actually be stored on a DVD or capable of retrieval via modalities such as digital-to-air “films” eg Netflix, YouTube etc . Many digital versions are now retrievable through Google and other search engines.




Nil entry





Nil entry



SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)


Infantry Company sent to Butterworth airbase

AWM F044471, 1970

Seven minute 16mm film (now also digitised); silent. Digital version also available from the AWM website. Enter film number into Search engine.


The 7th Dawn

Metro Goldwyn Meyer, 1964

A fictional but representative account of the end of the common war against the Japanese occupation force in Malaya in 1945 followed by the fight against Communists Terrorists in the post-war years. Accurately portrays the types of operations and relationships between the British authorities and fledgling Malay Security Forces experienced in the 1948-60 Malayan Emergency which included 1, 2, and 3 RAR. Starring William Holden and Suzannah York.


VIETNAM 1962-75


6 RAR – Australian Army in Action February 1967 – Vietnam War

AWM FO 3848

Black and white film, 7mins 27 secs.

Originally an official Army film shot in 16mm film, and digitised in 2016, now available also through UTube. Shows 6 RAR troops in airmobile insertions and then ground operations.



The Odd Angry Shot

Village Roadshow, 1979

35mm film/DVD

A fictionalised story of a small group of SASR serving in South Vietnam. Issues and environments faced, both in the field and out of it, are indicative of RAR operations. Stars Graeme Kennedy.



WALCH, Martin – The Battle of Long Tan

Red Dunne Films, 2006

A documentary film screened on the History Channel Foxtel and Austar on 16 August 2006.




(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


Nil entry


IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


Nil entry


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


Nil entry



(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)


Nil entry




This Part contains RAR historical material of any nature that is only stored digitally on a DVD or CD and requires the applicable player to retrieve and view. Unless otherwise stated, sources listed might be obtained through normal information support/library/online sources. Items including the descriptor RARA Digital library can be obtained by contacting the Bibliography Registrar.




5 RAR Association/BURGE, Lindsay (Ed) – The History of the Fifth Battalions 1885-1973

5 RAR Association, Post-production by Videocraft, 2006

66 mins duration.

Started as a project in 1993, this DVD starts with the formation of the first 5th Battalion in Bendigo in 1885 as part of the Colonial Military forces. It includes segments from WW I and WW II where it features the 5th battalions of the time, and the raising of and service by 5 RAR during both of its tours of duty in Vietnam. Following the linking to create 5/7 RAR the mechanised role of the linked battalion (5/7 RAR (Mechanised) and move to Darwin in 1999 are covered.


NEUVE, Denny – Long Tan to Afghanistan

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2017


DVD Documentary of Delta Company 6 RAR preparing for deployment to Afghanistan 2006-07. The Company prepares for the tough training that lies ahead. This is the deeply personal story of soldiers preparing for battle and the anguished wait of loved ones at home from whom duty and service can demand the ultimate price. Includes actual footage from both the Battle of Long Tan Vietnam, and during the Afghanistan deployment.


Deployable Joint Force Headquarters – The Australian Amphibious Force

DJFHQ/Army Learning Production Centre, Puckapunyal VIC, 2014


A For Official Use Only video that promulgates the new ADF amphibious capability. Introduced by ex-RAR member MAJGEN Smith, this DVD also features 2 RAR which has the amphibious role (from then to include 2017), and the then- CO 2 RAR assisting to describe what the force can do. Available to ADF personnel and researchers though military outlets.




DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Australian Prisoners of War Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2009

ISBN: 9781877007408

CD and DVD support a 110 page booklet.

A publication which is part of the Government’s commemorations program ‘Saluting their Service’, an educational resource for teachers.




SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)


no entry.


VIETNAM 1962-75

4 RAR and 9 RAR in VietnamF04756

AWM Film F04756

Now digitised, colour, 40 minutes.

Super 8mm film shot by Private Don Tate and other members of units he served in including 4 RAR and 9 RAR, Detailed contents are available on both the AWM website and the Youtube locations. Wide range of infantry and supporting arms and services For example, 9 RAR Operation Hat Dich 16 July 1969. Redeployment during operation – gunships assisting in redeployment – boarding helicopters. 9 RAR 7 Platoon prior to major ambush of 19 July 1969. Don Tate in hospital after being wounded.


5 RAR Association  – Eyes of the Tiger: Diary of a Dirty War

Lets Play Productions, Sydney, 2006

5 RAR, also referred to as the Tiger Battalion due to its mascot deployed a Reconnaissance platoon in lieu of its establishment Anti-tank platoon from October 1966 in Vietnam. This DVD is their story. Other battalions has the same/similar capability depending on priorities and the perceived threat, with specialist reconnaissance coming primarily from the manpower normally assigned to the Anti-tank platoon of Support Company.


5 RAR Association (Tony Henry (Ed)) – The Doc’s Movie (Captain Tony White RMO – 5 RAR Vietnam 1966-67

5 RAR Association, Photo Call Studio, 2005

Digitised footage originally shot on 8mm film by CAPT White, RMO 5 RAR during the battalion’s first tour of duty in Vietnam. A timelines and synopsis of individuals and events and a transcript of Geberal Sire Peter Cosgrove (Retd) introduction is included. Available from 5 RAR Association.


Anonymous – Service deaths in the Vietnam War/Vietnam Casualties List – all casualties/Vietnam final resting places

RARA Digital library.


Australian War Memorial – Battle of Binh Ba

Also known as Operation Hammer, involved 5 RAR moving to support 6 RAR. See


LAURENT, Rob – The Green Soldier

DVD – 4 min duration; words and music by David Newland and Oz Coulthard.

A photographic record of 6 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) battalion 1969-70. DVD version of book by that name (see Part 2, Vietnam).




(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


Nil entry


IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


Nil entry


AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


Afghanistan: the Australian Story

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2016

2-DVD set, 60 minutes long, in PAL format. Bonus third disk with interviews.

Covers the challenges, successes, and comradeship of the Australian men and women who have deployed to Afghanistan, and the many aspects of their service including the views of those at home waiting for their deployed personnel to come home. Available also by purchase from the AWM.


MTF2  – On Operations- Patrol Base MTF2 Operational Lessons (RESTRICTED)

Centre for Army Lessons, Puckapunyal 2011

DVD.Available only to serving ADF personnel or others authorized to access RESTRICTED material.

CO (then) LTCOL D Huxley and other members present in interview a range of lessons learnt. While the work was primarily engineer in nature each Mentoring Task Force had an infantry component and these feature in the footage as well as the dialogue. MTF 2 included 5 RAR.


MTF-4 – Post Deployment Interviews – LTCOL Kahlil Fegan CO 8/9 RAR (RESTRICTED)

HQ 1st Division (Adaptive Warfare Branch), Brisbane, 31 August 2012)

DVD.Available only to serving ADF personnel or others authorized to access RESTRICTED material.

One of a series of post-deployment interviews intended to gather information consistent with the Army’s Short Learning Loop approach to updating organizational learning.  Covers 8/9 RAR battle group tour of duty in Afghanistan as Mentoring Tasking Force 4.



                                                                                       HUMANITARIAN/DEFENCE AID TO THE CIVIL COMMUNITY

(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)


Nil entry