Rifle Company Butterworth

The decision in 1973 to withdraw Australian forces from Malaysia and Singapore constitutes a neglected but defining episode in the […]

A first-hand view of fighting the communist terrorists — Hussaini Abdul Karim, August 30, 2011 AUG 30 — A week before […]

Guys, Have just received a reply letter from Senator Ronaldson, shadow minister for VA. As you can read from its […]

SUNDAY, JANUARY 6, 2013 Service at Butterworth Air Base 1970 – 1989 in Context Prepared in Support of the RCB […]

Its a marvelous invention the internet, it allows us to research and to communicate effectively.I have done a little research […]

Dear Fellow Infantrymen, A major issue for some time now has been the recognition of service at Rifle Company Butterworth […]

OVERVIEW [Download the full document by clicking here.] From our detailed research we assert that previous Reviews, the latest being the […]

Submission in Support of the Award of the Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 and 1975 – for Personnel Who Served […]

Introduction [Download the full document by clicking here] This submission seeks to determine our claim that RCB service was warlike and […]